A Gift

Katie is a 18 year old girl who has been on the move for some time now. One night, her step father had caught her running away. She ran down a wet, dark alley way. He followed her and finally at the end of the alley there was a small house, with a light on inside. She pounded on the door with her step father not far behind her. The door opened and she fell to the floor, crashing through the person who opened it. Who will she see? Will they let her stay?


2. Who is that?

 As I took one last look over my shoulder, I could see him running toward me and i smashed my fist on the door one last time and a light came on in the little house. As hope came rushing back to me, i screamed "HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE!!!!!!" As loud as I could. The door opened and Brent was right behind me, I felt his hand wrap around my waist. But I bolted throught the door, including the person who had opened it. I crashed into a brightly lit house (Mind you i had been in the dark the whole time.) A door slammed and i heard muffled vioces, and my vision began to get blurry and the adrenalin that had kept me going faded. All the pain crushed me like a small bug.

 The last thing i could think of doing was to say thank you. "Thank you so much." It had cleared my vision a little and i saw two figures crouching on each of my sides. My sight went blurry once again and i was cassed into a world of darkness and pain.

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