A Gift

Katie is a 18 year old girl who has been on the move for some time now. One night, her step father had caught her running away. She ran down a wet, dark alley way. He followed her and finally at the end of the alley there was a small house, with a light on inside. She pounded on the door with her step father not far behind her. The door opened and she fell to the floor, crashing through the person who opened it. Who will she see? Will they let her stay?


4. What Now?

I signed and looked up at the beautiful blond boy. Should i trust him? Will he tell everyone he knew? But part of me wanted to open up. A part of me i never knew i had. So i started to tell him. Everything. My stepdad. The panic and pain he has caused me for the past years. About my mom. Anbd my sister that had disappearfed right after my stepdad started to abuse us.

"Wow. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." Niall wispered with his head down.

"No its not your fault so don't apologise." I said, lifting his head up with my hand. His eyes where so pretty. They sparkled with blue waves. I could see myself in them slightly, I must have been a mess. But i really didn't care right now. I just wanted to stay there. In that moment forever. I was so lost in thought that i didn't notice he was leaning in for a kiss. Oh god what do i do?! I've never really kissed anyone before! Well i have been forced kiss but that does not count at all. He was so close! I could feel his hot breathe on my lips. I wanted to kiss him so bad right now, but now wasn't the time. I was JUST about to pull away when the door creaked.

"Whoaaa sorry mate. Shoulda knocked!" Niall whipped his head away and I then began to miss that moment.

"Jesus Zayn!" Niall snapped at what had appeared to be Zayn. My facew must have been pretty scared because Niall looked at me and rushed up and grabbed Zayns arm, and dissapeared out the door. I could hear muffled loud vioces, but i couldn't quiet make out what they were saying. But i could tell who was speaking because of Nialls strong irish accent, and 'Zayns' vioce, by his accent. What was with these boys and accents??

"I DON'T CARE!" I heard someone screech from behind the door. I couldn't tell who it was because his accent completly disappeared. It scared me and i didn't want them to start to fight so i got up out of the seriously soft bed and ran over to the door and swung it open.

"Guys! Don't fight!" I said to the very surprised faces. But there where more than two. There were now five bpys in the wide hallway.

"Umm....Katie this is Liam." Niall said pointing to a guy that had a buzz cut hair, VERY muscular arms, and about 5'9'.

"and this is Louis." He said the name 'lLouis' Lou-ee. Huh. Weird. But he was very attractive. He had dark brown hair that was spiked up, and he was wearing a striped navy shirt with bright red jeans. Great style.

"this is Zayn, as you already know" Niall said, with a hint of annoyence in his voice

"This here is Harry, we all call him Hazza. So don't be alarmed when we call him that." Harry had bright green eyes with dark brown curls. Oooh i loved his eyes!

"We all live together because we are adopted and non of us are real blood sons. Our Dad is away with his work right now so the house if empty and quiet." Lou-ee said.

"Pfft with you here its never quiet!" Harry said pulling him into a head lock. Of course i laughed.

"Are you hungry love?" Niall said with an innocient look on his face.

"Alittle. But i need to go to the bathroom...were is it?" I asked, a little shyly.

"There is one in the bedroom. I have set out a pear of clothes for you too. I'll go make some food, if we have any. Have you guys eaten all of it?" Niall asked with a smirk.

"Maybe..." Louis said.


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