A Gift

Katie is a 18 year old girl who has been on the move for some time now. One night, her step father had caught her running away. She ran down a wet, dark alley way. He followed her and finally at the end of the alley there was a small house, with a light on inside. She pounded on the door with her step father not far behind her. The door opened and she fell to the floor, crashing through the person who opened it. Who will she see? Will they let her stay?


1. Finding a safe house.

 My feet pounded against the wet pavement beneath me. My hair flying all around me. I could still hear him behind me. "KATIE!! GET BACK HERE!!" the man screamed behind her. Suddenly there was a crash, followed by a grunt of pain. I looked behind me for a second, only to see shapes in the darkness. I gasped as a hand grabbed my ankle and my other foot smashed into a trash can infront of me, causing me to fall and crack my head on the hard pavement. The adrenalin in my body took over and my foot kicked and i wriggled free. I turned around and kicked the mass that had grabbed me. A satisfying grunt came and i turned and ran again.

  My head hurt so bad and i started to see fuzzy black specks in the corners of my eyes. I couldn't keep running forever. But as soon as i was about to stop and rest i saw a figure running toward me again.

 "GIRL! IM GONNA KILL YOU FOR RUNNING AWAY!" Brent screamed behind me. 'oh god what am i gonna do!?!' i thought to myself. My eyes darted around, searching for a place to hide, and i saw a small light. Coming from a window on a door. 'YES' i screamed in my head. I bolted up to the door and pounded and smashed my fists on the door. With no one answering i began to worry. Heavy foot steps pounded behind me, he was only 25 metres away!

 "HELP SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME!!"I screamed at the door, hoping it would open. 15 metres away. My head was throbing and my legs were starting to give out underneath of me. "PLEASE!!" I begged at the door. 10 metres away. My shoulders slumped down as my hope disappeared. It was too late.



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