A Gift

Katie is a 18 year old girl who has been on the move for some time now. One night, her step father had caught her running away. She ran down a wet, dark alley way. He followed her and finally at the end of the alley there was a small house, with a light on inside. She pounded on the door with her step father not far behind her. The door opened and she fell to the floor, crashing through the person who opened it. Who will she see? Will they let her stay?


3. A new trusted friend.

 I awoke to a horrible feeling in my head. it feels like a million little monkeys were running around my head, and that they where wearing cleats. My eye lids clung shut and it took a very big efort to open them. I took in my surroundings. I was laying on a rather large bed, probably a king or a queen. The bed was in the corner of the room and you would only get out one side. Beside the bed was a small end table that held a lamp with small golden chain. It had a small pendant shaped like a heart, with a small engraving on it. But it was too small for my pounding head to handle.The room had light brown walls and white carpet. A dark mahogony door and a rather large window. I didnt get it. From the look of the house from the outside you would have never thought that you could have such a big room.

 There really wasnt that much in the room actually. A computer desk with a laptop and phone charger, with multiple other typical items. A notebook next to the laptop and several pencils, a little coffee cup that was still steaming. Odd. But then i noticed something i hadn't before. There was a man. A man in the office chair! I began to panic because i was afraid of him. He had broad shoulders and what appeared to have rather large bicceps. I sat up quickly. My eyes darted open as the pain in my head increased, leaving me to gasp and flop back down again.

 My gasp must have been pretty loud because the man stirred and woke up groggily. My heart stared to race as he turned to face me. No wait it wasn't a man. It was a boy. My age. He had bleach blond hair that faded into dark brown, almost black. I satred to feel a strange connection with this boy. And what looked like bright blue eyes.

 "Hey its okay, Im not gonna hurt you." the boy said to me. I didnt know what to do at that point. I also didnt really have a choice, judging by the ache coming from all over my body, I wouldn't run very far. So i just sat there and admired his beautiful face. But then he reached onto the desk and grabbed a small plate, with a glass full of water and what looked like two small pills. 'oh god im gonna get drugged!' i silently thought to myself.

 "Don't worry, Its just for the pain, you can trust me. I'm not gonna hurt you.' he said in a soothing vioce. "And who was that man that was chasing you? He almost busted down our door."

 I got goosebumps as all the memories came rushing back to me.

 "He is me.......stepdad." lies burned in the back of my throat, thats only what he made me call him. Well he wanted me to call him 'dad' but i could never, ever call that beast my dad. So all i called him was stepdad.

 "Its okay." he said scooting the chair to the side of the bed.

 "Oh im sorry, my name is Niall and your safe here, but please tell me why you are so bruised and hurt? What happened? And why was he so mad when you got away?"

 "He did horrible things to me Niall." i said, tears brimming at my eyes.

 "Look." I added, lifting my arms away from the bed and showing him my arms. Pointing out the certain spots that he always put cigarettes off on my.

 "Thats horrid." He said with a very upset look on his face.

 "theres more-" i said lifting the shirt away from my bony stomach.

 " Oh my gawd." he had a ghostly white face as he examined my tummy. His Irish accent added a cute little jump to his every word.

 "Im sorry, my name is Katie. And thank you for everything but i really should keep moving. He knows where i am and i don't want you to get hurt."

 "Hey no no no. You are in too bad of a conditon to move, its alright. You can trust me."

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