Don't Tell Daddy

I'm Morgan Cowell. The daughter on the one and only Simon Cowell. I'm 18 years old. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and I'm very tan. I travel around with my dad as he is One Directions manager. I see the boys all the time. I'm not allowed to date the boys though. But here's my secret. I'm in love with Liam Payne... ;)
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8. Remember?



I wake up and try to move. Yea thats not going to work. Liam’s arms are secured tightly around my waist. What an amazing way to wake up. I ply his arms off of me and slowly get out of bed. I walk walk down to the kitchen and look through the fridge. Nothing. I look through the cupboards. Nothing! Theres food but nothing looks good. I’m a very picky eater. I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. Knowing that they are Liam’s, I lean my head back on to his chest. Yea, I’m that short. “Let’s go to starbucks.” He whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine. I nodded my head. “Go get changed.” He says letting go of me. I walk up to my room and into my huge walk in closet. It’s fall so its getting a bit chilly.

I quickly throw on my outfit, grab my phone and walk down to Liam. I see him standing there playing on his phone. He’s wearing a pair of jeans, a Jack Wills sweatshirt and a pair of nike high tops. Damn did that boy look good! “Ready?” I say. He nods and sticks out his hand. I grab it and we walk out. We hop into his black mustang and he starts to drive. He turns on the radio and my favorite song is on. Timber by Pitbull and Kesha. He blasts it and we both start sing as loud as we can and as bad as we can. We both start cracking up as we pull up to Starbucks. We run in and get us and the boys something. We go back and get in the car and we just sit there. “So...about last night…” He says sheepishly. “I loved it.” I say smirking. “Me too.” He replies. We both lean in then he stops and just stares at me. I pull his lips onto mine. After a good 5 minutes of making out we decide that we should go home because the boys were probably worried sick. We walk in and Niall runs up to us. “Nummy!” He yells then runs off with his drink. We all decide to have a lazy day so we go up to my room and lay on my bed because it’s the biggest. We put on Twilight first and went from there.


Its 9 pm now. We watched the whole twilight saga and we are on 3rd toystory, Liam’s request. My phone starts buzzing. I pick it up and see that its daddy. He's back in Paris.


S=Simon       M=Morgan


M= Hi daddy


S=Oh don’t you daddy me!


M=What’s wrong?


S=You sure as hell know what wrong Morgan! You and Liam?! Really?!


M=Dad, he isn't as bad as you think!


S=I don't have time for this. We will talk about it when I get home. goodbye.


How the hell did he find out!? “Liam.” I whisper. “We need to talk.” “But this is my favorite part.” He whines. “We have a bigger problem.” I tell him. He stands up and we go my room. “Whats wrong?” “Dad found out.” “About what?” I point from me to him. “Shit!” He yells. I quickly cover his mouth. “What did he say?” He asks. “He is NOT, I repeat NOT happy…” I say. "How the hell did he even find out?" Liam asks. "Morgan and Liam. Please come down here." We hear Niall yell. We run down and into the living room to see Zayn holding a magazine with Liam and I kissing in his car this morning on the front page. "Fuck...'' Liam say. He took the words right out of my mouth. So that's how dad found out. "Morgan, didn't Simon specifically NOT to?!" Harry yells. I just roll my eyes. "You were always one to break the rules..." He says. "I will do that ever the hell I want! It's my life not yours or dads! MINE!" I scream and run to my room. I jump in bed and cry.


~1 hour later~


I feel someone crawl into my bed and put their arms around my waist. I slowly turn around to see that it's Liam. "You ok?" He asks. I nod and nuzzle my head into his chest. "No your not." He whisper in my ear and I start to cry again. "Hey, look at me." He says. I look up at his face. "I will be here for you whether I'm allowed to or not. Forever and always, remember?" I smile a bit. "Forever and always." We slowly fall asleep to each others heart beats.





Sorry I know it's short! I just wanted to get a chapter in! I hope you all have a great wither break!!!

xoxo~ Megan:*

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