Don't Tell Daddy

I'm Morgan Cowell. The daughter on the one and only Simon Cowell. I'm 18 years old. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and I'm very tan. I travel around with my dad as he is One Directions manager. I see the boys all the time. I'm not allowed to date the boys though. But here's my secret. I'm in love with Liam Payne... ;)
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12. No.



I run out of my room and pound on Zayn's door. Harry opens it. "Morgan it's 12:45, what are you doing up this early?" He asks. "I need to talk to Zayn." I say as I hurry past him and into the bedroom. "Zayn wake up!" I yell and he shoots right up. "Morgan what are you doing in here?" He asks me in a groggy voice. "We need to talk about last night." "Shit..." he mumbles and puts his forehead in his hands. "Exactly, do not tell ANYONE. Especially Perrie and the boys." I tell him. "Lets just forget that it ever happened." I say and put a hand on his shoulder. "What if I don't want to?" He smirks. "Zayn, Perrie loves you and you love her. Don't ruin that." I say and start to walk out. He pulls me back in and kisses me. I push him off. "Zayn. I can't do this. I can't hurt Perrie like that." Then I walk out and go right to my room. I plop down on my bed and just lay there with my face buried in my pillow. "Babe, everything alright?" Liam asks. I nod my head. "Whats wrongs?" Damn hes good... He walks over and lays down on the bed next to me. He wraps his strong arms around me and I roll over to face him. "Zayn." I say. "Last night...we a lot. Paul stopped us before it got to serious. He reminded Zayn that he was getting married. So this morning I went to his room to clear it up and I told him not to tell anyone and to just forget that it ever happened but he said that he didn't want to forget it and then he kissed me. I don't know what to do Liam!" I say super fast. I sob into his chest. He gets up and walks out. "Liam where are you going?" I ask him. "To talk to Zayn." He says and with the look on his face I can tell that they aren't going to 'talk'. "Liam don't do this. It's not going to help anyone." I beg him. "He kissed you!" He yells. "We were drunk!" I yell back. "Last night! Last night you guys were drunk! You weren't drunk this morning!" He yells even louder if that possible, probably waking up the whole hotel. Then he storms out and goes to Zayn's room. The door slams. I run out an into Zayn's room. Liam is in there beating the shit out of him.



"Tyler please stop!" I cry. "You little slut! Who the hell do you think you are bitch! I told you to not to leave the house! You ugly, fat little whore" He screams at me while punching me left and right. He came home drunk again. I don't know why I keep letting him do this to me over and over again, but for some reason...I do. Then he picks me up and slams me again the wall time after time again. This blood shot eyes were the last thing I was before I blacked out.

~End of flashback~


"Liam stop!" I scream with tears streaming down my face. He doesn't, he just starts beating him even worse. Zayn is trying to fight back but it isn't working. "Liam stop, your scaring me! LIAM" I yell as I'm hiding in the corner. The rest of the boys and Paul run in and try to grab Liam. He just punches them and gets back to Zayn. My eyes widened. If he punches everyone else, how do I know that he wont punch me sometime. That thought scared me even more. All the guys and Paul get up and finally get Liam off of Zayn. "Liam what the fuck is going on!?" Paul shouts. "He kissed her, this morning and last night! Do you know how bad the would hurt Perrie?!" Yells back a Paul. "I'm sorry! It just...happened!" Zayn crys. "Louis? Will you get Zayn cleaned up? We might need to take him to the doctor. Liam really did a number on him." Paul tells him. Harry nods and takes Zayn into the bathroom "Well it looks like you hurt everyone, Liam." Paul says and point to me. I'm still sitting in the corner crying my eyes out. "Morgan, I'm so sorry." He says walking over to me. I run right to Harry's arms and hid in them. Harry just rubs my back. "Liam you will be rooming with me until further notice. Go get packed up." Paul says. "Harry, will you room with Morgan? I don't want her to be alone. We don't need a repeat of the summer..." Harry nods. We walk over to what is now mine and Harry's room. Right once we get to the bedroom I break down again and fall to the floor. Harry pick my up and lays me on the bed. He lays down right next to me and pulls the covers up and cuddles me. Not in a boyfriend way but in a brotherly way. He makes me feel so safe. What Liam did tonight really scared me. What happeneds if he gets mad at me someday? Would he hit? A few days ago I would have said no but now I'm not quite sure. All I know is that I need to get out of here. Tomorrow morning I will look for a flight home. There is no way that I can stay here. 


~The next morning~


I wake up and walk into the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror, I have make up all over my face from crying. I can up my face and walk over to my laptop to find a flight. I know it sounds like I'm over reacting but I need space from the boys, mainly Liam and Zayn. I can't believe that Zayn likes me again. About two years ago we have a thing. It was for of a friends with benefits thing. Then Daddy found out. That's why he's so protective over me now. After that Zayn found Perrie. I was sad at first but then Perrie and I started becoming close and now I love her to death. I know that she loves Zayn and Zayn loves her and I don't want to ruin that for them.


I found a flight for 11 am today. Its 8:30 right now. I start packing up my stuff because I will have to leave at about 9:30 for the airport. I really don't have that much to pack because we have only been here for about a day. I'm disappointed that I'm leaving, but it's something that I have to do. I was going to call Molly and fly her over here but knowing the boys, they will try and find me and that's the last thing I want. Liam needs to get taught a lesson. He can't just do what ever the hell he wants and think that everyone will forgive him. I'm more mad at him then I am at Zayn. This was my problem not Liams. 


I finally finish packing and I call a taxi. While I'm waiting I decide to write a note to the boys.

Dear boys,

I'm sorry but I can't stay here. What happened last night really scared me. I think it's just better if I get some space. Maybe I will join you guys later on, I really don't know yet. All I know is that I need to leave. Do not contact me. I need time.

xoxo- Morgan

p.s. -Liam, you really scared me last night. What happened was not acceptable. I really trusted you. That trust is now gone. What will happen if you get mad at me some time? Will you hit me too? What you did brought back my memories from Tyler... Goodbye.


I left that on the table for Harry to find when he wakes up. Tyler was my boyfriend a few years back and he was very abusive. He would get drunk and then come home and beat me. Daddy ended up finding out and he called the police. What Liam did yesterday brought me back to Tyler. At that time I didn't have the courage nor strength to do something about it. This time I'm not going to put myself in that position in the first place. The taxi pulls at and I grab my stuff and get in. As we pull away I start to cry a little bit. This is something I need to do. I tell myself over and over again. We pull up to the airport I pay the guy and walk in. Paparazzi are everywhere. They must have saw me leaving the hotel with all of my bags this morning and suspected that I was going to the airport. "Morgan where are you going?" "Are you leaving the tour?" They all yell at me. "Are you and Liam still dating?" One of them asks me. That's question stops me dead in my tracks. I turn around and face the man. "No."

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