Don't Tell Daddy

I'm Morgan Cowell. The daughter on the one and only Simon Cowell. I'm 18 years old. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and I'm very tan. I travel around with my dad as he is One Directions manager. I see the boys all the time. I'm not allowed to date the boys though. But here's my secret. I'm in love with Liam Payne... ;)
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10. Dating?



"Should we wake her?" "Yeah, Simon said that she has to go to the interview with us." I hear voices. "Shut the fuck up and leave me alone." I grown. "Come on." Someone says. Suddenly I'm in someones arms bridal style. I open my eyes to see that its Niall. "What time is it?" I ask him and Louis. Louis is right next to him. "7:15." They say. "WHAT?!" I shout. It's way to early to be awake. "And the boys and I have something we need to tell you." Louis says. We enter the living room and the other boys are already down there. They look completely dead. "What happened to them?" I ask. Louis and Niall just start laughing. Louis pulls out his phone. "Watch this." He says. I watch the video. Oh my...I forgot about that! "Why aren't you dead like them?" Niall asks me. "I'm used to it." I say nonchalantly. They all whip their heads towards me and just stair. "What?" I ask them. "Have long have you been doing that shit?" Niall asks. "Years now. It's not that big of a deal." I tell them. They just shake their heads. "Sooo what did you have to tell me?" I ask. "Um...well...we are kinda...going on three days..." Liam studders. "What?!" I yell. Why didn't they tell me earlier? "But! We asked Simon if you could come with us and he said yes!" Niall cheers. My mood completely changed. I run over to all boys and kiss their cheek. Then there's Liam. I grab his face and kiss him hard. I pull away and start dancing. "Yay! I don't have to deal with dads slut!" I yell. The boys crack up. "We have an interview in an hour and a half and your coming with us so go get ready. Liam, Harry, Zayn, you look like shit. Do what ever you have to do to look normal." Louis says to us. We all disperse to get ready. Hmm... What should I wear. I say to myself while digging through my closet. I finally decide on this.

I know its a little fancy but who cares. I grab my phone and go down to meet they boys. They are all down stairs looking hot as ever. "Paul's is here!" Niall yells as loud as he can. "Ughhh." Liam, Harry and Zayn moan. They are still dead bet. Oh well. We all walk out and pile into the van. I sit next to Liam and lays his head on my shoulder. I play with his hair a little bit. "What's wrong with Liam, Zayn and Harry?" Paul asks. Louis Niall and I look at each other. "They um..." I start. "Were up..." Louis adds. "They were up reallllyyy late last night." Niall finishes. "Yeah that." I say. I hope he believes us. "Um ok then." Paul says confused. Whew, that was a close one... We finally pull up to the studio. We are going to be on the Ellen Show. She is so damn funny! We all walk in and get ready. "Everybody, please welcome Morgan Cowell and One Direction!" She says. We all walk on and start dancing to the music. We reach the seats and realize that there isn't enough room for all of us. I plop down on Liam's lap which is a lot more comfy than a couch;) "Morgan, are you ok on Liam's lap?" Ellen asks me. "Oh yes, I am perfectly fine." I reply. "Oh I bet you are." She chuckles. everyone starts to laugh. "Sooo is it true that Zayn and Perrie are engaged?" She asks Zayn. "Yes, it is." He says with a huge smile on his face. "Well we have a little present for you two." Ellen tells him. Oh this should be good. Out comes a bunch of Ellen wedding stuff. "Liam and Morgan, what exactly is going on between you too?" She asks us and puts up the picture of Liam and I kissing in his car. "Um..." Liam says. I turn around to look at him. "Were together." I finish with a smile. Dad is going to be so mad:) "yup that's right." Liam says smiling. The boys look shocked. The crowd starts chanting 'kiss'. Liam and I do as requested. It was a passionate kiss. "Okay you two we get it! Thank you all for coming!" Ellen tells us. "Thank you for having us." We all say and walk off. That interview went pretty well. Lets see what dad says...


We all pile into the car. "So when did you guys plan on telling us?" Harry asks. "We aren't actually dating. I just want to see what dad says." I tell them. "And it would look really weird if we were kissing but not dating." Liam adds. We finally get home and walk inside. This is going to be interesting. Dad and Victoria are sitting in the living room watching TV. "So I saw the interview." He says. "Is it true?" "Yup." I say. Oh no, this isn't going to end well for me. Oh well:) "Good for you guys. I see how happy he makes you Morgan and I really want you to be happy. I'm sorry about what I said earlier." Did my dad just say that? Wow. "Daddy, can I have money? We are going shopping." I ask him. "We are?" The boys say. "Yup." I tell them with a big smile on my face. "Sure sweety." Daddy says and hands me $500. "Thank you." I say and walk up get changed. The boys follow me up. They all go to their rooms except Liam, he comes into mine. "So if were 'dating' then I get to kiss you whenever I want, right?" He asks me. I nod. Then he crashes his lips onto mine. The kiss started getting pretty heated. He picks me up and places his hands under my ass as I wrap my legs around is torso. He slams me against the wall. I take his shirt off and rub my hands over his abs, never breaking the kiss. He take off my shirt as well. I feel him getting hard. "Tonight." I whisper into his ear seductively. "Daddy leaves for Paris. We can do whatever we want..." He moans and puts me down. "Now go get ready." I say and smack his ass. I walk to my closet and pick an outfit.

This works. I walk down and meet the boys. We drive over to the mall and hit the shops.


~3 hours later~


We are going to our last store...Victoria's Secret. The boys run and start picking stuff out for me. I go to the dressing room and try everything on. "Come out so we can see!" They yell. "Hell no!" God, why would I do that. We end buying everything. If Daddy ever finds this stuff I'm screwed! We leave the mall with tons of bags full of clothes for me for the tour. I can't wait!


We get home and its now 9 pm. Wow, we were there for a long time. "Liam were going to bed." I say and wink at him. "Liam's gonna get some!" Zayn yells. We all laugh. Daddy left about 2 hours ago so we are going to do what ever we want. Once we get to my room we immediately start making out. It gets heated very fast... We all know what happens next;)


After 3 rounds Liam and I are sitting on my bed fully clothed smoking some more cocaine. Zayn and Harry come and join us. My room is filled with smoke so I get up and open my balcony door. I just stair out at the beautiful lights of the city. I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "I love you." Liam whisper into my ear. "I love you too Liam."

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