Don't Tell Daddy

I'm Morgan Cowell. The daughter on the one and only Simon Cowell. I'm 18 years old. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and I'm very tan. I travel around with my dad as he is One Directions manager. I see the boys all the time. I'm not allowed to date the boys though. But here's my secret. I'm in love with Liam Payne... ;)
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1. Damn!



         "Morgan! Are you ready to go?" Daddy yells from down stairs. "Coming!" I answer. We have to go to the premiere for One Directions movie, The Is Us. Eleanor and Perrie have been helping me get ready because I don't have a mom. They have been a great help. They helped me pick out a dress and heels, and did my make up and hair. It fits my petite body perfectly. Exactly what I need to impress Liam. Yes, I did say Liam. As in Liam Payne. Daddy says that I cant date his clients but I choose not to listen to him. I love Daddy very much but he is to over protectiveI'm 18 so I will do what I want. 

       El and I walk down the stairs and into the living room to meet Daddy. "What are you wearing!" He yells at me. "Simon? Do you have a problem?" El asks sternly. I see what shes doing. You go girl! Daddy shakes his head. "Boys! Are you ready yet!?" He yells up the stairs. One Direction lives with us by the way. Daddy's almost never home so its usually me, the boys, and sometimes El an Perrie. The boys come running down one by one. Liam shows up last. Damn! That boy looks sexy! I realize that I'm Starring and i quickly blink away. "Wow Morgy, you look amazing." Harry says. I giggle. "Yeah. Damn girl!" Liam says next, examining me up and down. I total blush. Well I defiantly got his attention. The boys walk over and hug me. Liam hugs me last has he places his hands at the small of my back right above my butt. The hug is long and nice. "Liam Payne, get your hands OFF of my little girl!" Daddy yells. The boy laugh. I just roll my eyes. I look at Liam and he gives me a little wink.

         Louis grabs El's hand, Zayn grabs Perrie's then I feel someone grab mine. I look up to it Harry. I smile at him quickly. We all walk out the mansion and hop in the limo. I sit in between Harry and Niall. Liam sits across from and Daddy sits right next to him to make sure he doesn't touch me. I'm talking with Niall and I sudenly feel eyes burning into my bare skin. I try to ignore them knowing that they were Liam's but eventually I turn to look at him. He's smirking at me as his eyes wander up and down.

         We final  arrive and I see the red carpet. My favorite part. This is where I can strut my stuff! I quickly walk and I hear the camera flashes and the paps yelling at me to look there way. I smile big and pose. After about 20 minutes its the boys turn. I decide to join them. Why not. I wrap myself in Liam's arms. We takes some shots together then the others take some with us. I finally leave the boys and got talk to daddy who just fished walking the carpet. "What is going on between you and Liam?" He asks. I freeze. "" I say quickly. "Good. He's bad and you know that. I want you to stay away from him." "Yes daddy." I roll my eyes and walk away.

        It's finally time for us to go and sit down. I'm SO excited! I'm in almost all of these scenes. I'm with the boys almost where ever they go. We've known each other for years now. Zayn's my go to guy. I can trust him with all of my problems. Even the very serious ones. Niall's my teddy bear. He cuddles me and gives me hugs when ever I need it. Harry's like my older brother. We pull pranks on each other, argue and laugh together. He's always there for me. Louis can make me laugh whenever, no matter what mood I'm in. Liam. Well, where should I start? Liam is a bad boy and I totally love him for that. He understands me better than anyone. He helps me sneak out of the house and he lets me do whatever I want. But he's still protective over me. He's perfect.


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