Don't Tell Daddy

I'm Morgan Cowell. The daughter on the one and only Simon Cowell. I'm 18 years old. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and I'm very tan. I travel around with my dad as he is One Directions manager. I see the boys all the time. I'm not allowed to date the boys though. But here's my secret. I'm in love with Liam Payne... ;)
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3. Bring it on



I bright light flashes in my face. My eyes shoot open to see what the hell going on. 4 boys are standing over me taking pictures. I try to get up but I feel someones arms around me. I look over my shoulder to see that the strong arms are Liam's. I lay my head back down peacefully and fall back asleep.


~2 hours later~


"Morgs. It's time to get up babe." Someone whispers in my ear. I open me eyes to see Liam's face right in front of mine. "Morning." I say tiredly. "It's 1:00 in the afternoon." He laughs quietly. I just smile. He starts to lean in. I do the same. Suddenly I feel our lips brush together. "WAKE UP!" Louis yells while banging pots and pans together. I scream and roll right off the couch. "Fuck you Louis! Fuck you!" I yell at him. "Please do." He says with a smirk on his face. I roll my eyes. "So what are we doing today?" I ask as I walk into the kitchen. "Clubbing?" Zayn asks. "Sure. We will leave at 8." Harry says. "I have to go dress shopping. I'm going to see if Molly wants to come with me." I run up stairs and grab my phone to Molly.

Me: Hey Mol. I need to go dress shopping. Wanna come??? xx Morgs

Molly<3: Sure babe! I will be over in 10! xx Mols

I don't feel like showering so I just throw on an old pair of super short jean shorts, a pink tank top, my cheetah print snapback and a pair of black flip flops. I walk down to see Molly standing in the living room talking to the boys. "Ready sista?" I ask. She nods and we walk out the door and hop in my purple convertible that Daddy got me for my 18th birthday. 


~skipping car ride & shopping~


We walk in the front door. It's now 6:30. Wow, we spent a long time at the mall. Oh well. Molly had to babysit her siblings so she couldn't come with us. That's okay though, all I need is Liam. I put my dress on then I did my hair and make up to perfection. Lastly I put on my brand new heels. Liam will love this outfit;) If you haven't noticed, my goal in life is get Liam Payne's attention. So far so good if I do say so myself.

I walk down stairs just in time. The boys are putting there shoes on and talking about who is going to get drunk the most. It was between Harry and Liam. The boys snap theirs heads toward me when they heard my heels clicking the floor. I do a little spin for them. Zayn smirks. Liam glares at him then whispers something into he ear. Zayn's expression quickly changes from hungry to very disappointed. What did Liam say? All I know is that this is going to be a very interesting night. "Are we ready?" I ask. "El is on her way so we will leave once she gets here." Louis says excitedly. "Zayn, is Perrie coming?" I ask him curiously. "Um...we kinda...broke up..." He says. "YOU WHAT?!" I yell. "It just wasn't working out. We both were so busy with our schedules that there was no time to see each other." He responds in a cool and collected voice. "I understand..." I reply. There was a sudden knock on the front door. Louis ran to get it. It was El of course. We all walked out and pilled into Liam's black hummer. Paul was driving so nobody had to miss out on the drinking fun. We pull up to the club and everyone hops out of the car and walks inside. I enter the club and my eyes get wide. This is the best club I've been to! Yes, I have been clubbing before. But I've never been to one like this! This going to be a crazy night. The first thing I do is walk right over to the bar and get 5 rounds of shots for everyone. I need to drink so badly! I set them down in front of the boys and El. We all chug em down one by one. Liam goes to get more. And hour later we all are completely drunk and I can't find Liam anywhere. I walk onto the dance floor to see Liam dancing with this blonde bimbo! Oh it is SO on Mr. Payne. I grab the closest hot guy and immanently start grinding on him. Then the girl starts to get even more sexual with Liam and that's when I loss all control and I become super jealous and mad. Jealous+mad+drunk=VERY BAD! I grab the guys face and start kissing was very rough yet it felt so good. "Lets take this to mine." The man says. I'm to drunk to use common sense so of course, I say yes. We get back to his house and it looks so familiar, but I can't figure out why. We go up to his room. We all know what happeneds next...



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