The Way

" why Harry??, stop". "NO ARIANA " he shouted as he hit me even more. " I'll be back " he told me. What would Ariana do if Harry keeps abusing her?? Would she run away or would somebody will be there to help her?? Would that person be zayn malik??



3. Chapter 3:

Ariana POV:

Is that... Oh my god it is. It's zayn. No body knows about this park except me and Harry. Fucking Harry he might have told zayn. I walked up to zayn. " zayn what the hell are you doing here " I told him. " Harry told me about it" he said. " told you what" I asked. " that you were here" zayn said. " I've been going to this park since Harry told me about it. It is a buetiful park. " he said. " I was the one that showed Harry this park " I said. " oh really" he said. " why do you have some bruises on you're arms?" Zayn asked. " nothing " I said while putting my sleeves down. " I, going to keep on bothering if you don't tell me" he said again. " go ahead" I said. He started to bother me. I headed for my car, I opened the door but he closed it. " tell me I won't tell " he said. " OK FINE HARRY ABUSES ME HE HITS ME ALL THE TIMEOM ARE YOU HAPPY NOW" I screamed in tears. " I'm going to kill him " he said. " no see this Is why I don't tell anybody" I said. " ok fine I won't do anything but if he ever hurts you even worse than he has ever done you call me" he said. " ok thanks zayn you're really sweet, but also I don't have you're number." I said. I handed him my phone and he typed in his number in. After that we said bye and we left. I checked the time. Oh shit I'm late. " shit, shit, shit,shit, I'm in deep shit" I kept saying while driving. Harry is going to fucking kill me for not bieng there. Oh my god what am I going to do.

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