The Way

" why Harry??, stop". "NO ARIANA " he shouted as he hit me even more. " I'll be back " he told me. What would Ariana do if Harry keeps abusing her?? Would she run away or would somebody will be there to help her?? Would that person be zayn malik??



2. Chapter 2:

Ariana POV:

I woke up on the floor. A pool of blood surrounded me. My clothes was wet from the blood, they weren't there normal color instead it was red from all the blood. I walk into my bedroom and choose my clothes and take a shower. After my shower I put on my short shorts and a strapless shirt. I put makeup on all of my bruises. I walk downstairs and check the time on my phone, it was 12:00 am in the morning. I go into the kitchen and make pancakes for myself I made some for Harry. Harry walked into the kitchen and looked at me. He grabbed my hand, tightly. He pulled me up from the chair so I can stand up. He turned me around. " go change " he told me. " why do you care if I change into this you hit me all the time" I told him. He just stared at me. " fine have it you're way" he told me. I smiled because I never win. I give him his pancakes and he started eating. " Harry I have to go practice for my concert on Saturday, can I please go I don't want to let my fans down" I said to him. " sure thing " he told me. " while you're at the concert I will be fucking another girl" he told me. God he such a dick head. I wonder why he can't leave me alone. I went up to my room. I chose some casual clothes and headed out for a stroll to the park. When I came to the park I saw somebody familiar. Is that.......


So hey my lil carrots I hope you like the second chapter. Also this is the first cliffhanger in this story... Hope you still love or like this story. Next update will be in 6 likes and 6 favorites

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