The Way

" why Harry??, stop". "NO ARIANA " he shouted as he hit me even more. " I'll be back " he told me. What would Ariana do if Harry keeps abusing her?? Would she run away or would somebody will be there to help her?? Would that person be zayn malik??



1. Chapter 1:

Ariana POV:

Why?? Harry stop!!! Please!! I begged as Harry kept hitting me. "NO " he shouted as he hit me even more. I kept on crying. Until he stopped and screamed " ill be back". I get up from where I was. I go to the bathroom and check the bruises Harry left me. I had allot of bruises in my stomach and legs. I covered them up with makeup. I had to go to the store because if I didn't have food when Harry comes back he will hit me again. Also Harry is bringing his mates of his band one direction. That reminds me I have a concert on Saturday. I arrive at the store and pick out the food. I arrive back at the house and make the food. Luckily Harry Wasint there with his friends. Harry arrived and the food was ready. Liam, Louis, zayn, Niall come in after him. After they were done eating they watched football and practiced for thier concert on Sunday. After that they left. Harry smirked at me. I backed away from him. He came up to me and lifted my shirt off. He kept kissing my stomach. He unbuttoned my bra. I stayed there paralyzed I was scared if I move or I back away from him. He takes of my bra. He grabs my boobs and kisses me. I couldn't handle it no more. I just wanted to scream at him. So I did. He looked up at me and slapped me across the face. I put my bra back on and my shirt. I run upstairs. He comes after me and throw me on the bed. " HEY YOU ASSHOLE WHEN I HAVE SEX WITH YOU. YOU LEAVE ME TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, YOU UNDERSTAND ME" he screamed at me. I nodded. "BITCH IM GOING TO SHOW YOU NOT TO MESS WITH ME ASSHOLE" he screamed again. He keeps punching me and kicking me. Until everything goes dark.

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