Still The One

I stood there frozen, trying to think what to say next as his emerald green eyes caught my attention. There was a pause as his eyebrows furrowed at the sight of me. I was going to tell him I muttered out "I can't" right before running down the hallway, hearing footsteps after me.


1. Chapter 1

Abby's POV

      "Get your ass over here! The movie is gonna start!" Cara yelled as I walked out of the kitchen. Caroline has been my best friend since the 9th grade and we have always had sleepovers the night before school so we could get ready together in the morning. Tomorrow was our first day of junior year. Finally we get to be upperclassmen!

      "Shut up!" I said jokingly. We are watching Identity Thief, but per usual, I fell asleep like 20 minutes into the movie.

      The next morning I woke up in my bed, I was sure I had fallen asleep on the couch so that's kinda weird...

   "Ohh" I said to myself as I noticed Liam's sweatshirt was off of my chair, so he must have grabbed it on his way home from work. He was probably the one that put me here because I left my front door unlocked. Liam has been my best guy since we were really little, so he is basically my brother.

      "Abby! Do you want anything from Starbucks? I'm doing  a quick coffee run." She yelled from the front door.

      "Grande mocha iced coffee, light on the sugar please!" I yelled back.

      "Okay!" I heard the door shut.

      I walked into the bathroom to go get my makeup done. I decided not to cake it on my face like the rest of the girls in school. I swept on 2 coats of my Scandal Eyes mascara while I reached for my baby lips. I finished it off with some translucent powder for a flawless look as I turned around.


Liam's POV

      I walked into her house when I heard "When You Were Young" by The Killers . That has always been her favorite song, but I really didn't care for it.

      "Hello?" I said, but she must've not heard me, so I just walked into her room and sat on the seat next to her window.

      She was turning around when our eyes met for a split second. I turned my head away so she didn't realize I was staring at her.

      "Oh my god Liam! You just scared the shit out of me!" as she jumped back a little.

      "Haha sorry, are you ready to go? I left my car running"

      "Yeah almost, just let me finish my makeup. Oh yeah, by the way Cara's coming so we gotta wait for her."

      She looked so beautiful, I don't know why she even needed to put that shit on her face. I mean really, it serves no purpose. she is the prettier than any of the girls I have ever seen, and so kind, she was just perfect. No wonder why I had feelings for her. WAIT. Did she just say Cara was coming? Fuck. I was going to tell Abby that I had feelings for her on the car ride there, but I guess that's being cancelled. Not to mention that I didn't even offer to drive her! This is why I don't like Cara, she always ruined the possible moments Abby and I could have.

      "Oh, okay that's fine" I said while sighing a bit.

      I guess I'll just sit here for a few.


      "Okay Liam! We're ready!" She said as I stood up from my seat, and stepped out of room.

      I looked down the hallway. Damn. Why does she do this to me? She always looks fucking perfect!

      "You ready to go?"


      As soon as we stepped out of the door I heard Abby scream:


      "Haha" I laughed knowing that Cara would have to sit in the back!

      "Why'd you laugh?" Abby said curiously

      Are you fucking kidding? Did I seriously just laugh out loud? Liam, you are one hell of a dumbass.

     "Oh, it's nothing" I said. Cara gave me a nasty look, because she knew I was laughing at her. I really didn't give two shits though.


Cara's POV

      "Shotgun!" Abby yelled while sprinting towards Liam's car. Liam laughed because he knew that now I would have to sit in the back with all of his shit. Therefore, he got a dirty look from me.

      I'm always rude to Liam because back in the 8th grade, he broke my heart. I know it sounds dumb and everything, because I was only in 14, but I swear I loved him. We dated four like, 4 months? Whatever, it's irrelevant now.

      I wanted to make Liam feel as bad as I did, so I stole the one thing he would never want to give up, Abby.

      I still have feelings for him, but he could never know that.


Harry's POV

      I walked into the building, getting quit a few stares in my direction. I tried to ignore them and make my way up to my locker, when something caught my eye.


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