Hello There!!!!!

Jay loved One Direction cause her brother (Liam Payne) was in the band. He was all the way across the world on there tour while she stayed in England. She called him on her birthday and he said he wouldn't be able to make it. She almost cried when he said that and then locked herself in her room. About 2 hours after she called Liam she heard a door slam so she hid in the panic room. The person who was in her house started to bang on her door. The only thing she didn't know was the guy banging on her door was Liam.


2. Tow Days Left!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon flew Jay into England from Ireland for the dinner.


Liams POV. 


"HEY GUYS HURRY UP WE ARE GONNA BE LATE FOR DINNER AT SIMON'S!" I yelled at the lads who were now running down the stairs. Niall was trying to put his shoes on and Zayn and Harry were fixing there hair(as always) and well i'm sitting here with louis who was stuffing his face withs carrots. I started to laugh at Louis but got interrupted by zayn grabbing Louis and my hands and pulling us out to the car. Sometimes I i wonder to myself if Jay has this problem with any of her friends. I laughed at Louis who was whining cause he didn't get to finish his carrots and Niall still trying to shove his foot into his shoes.


When we pulled up into the driveway of Simon's mansion. Niall could smell the food i'm guessing, cause he was sniffing the air. We got out of the car and walked into the mansion. The lads and I split up they went to the dance floor and I find Simon. When I found him I told him that I wouldn't be able to be there Saturday. He just looked at me like I was crazy and that's when the lads popped up right next to me. "Where you gonna be and can we come." they chorused. "Back to England to celebrate my sisters 19th birthday, and no." I said. "Please Pleased Please Please let us come with you." they all said. "Fine." I said. All of a sudden Simon says I can't go cause we have a sound check.

I looked back at him tears wheling in my eyes so I just ran out of the mansion. What everyone says about Simon is true. He is cold hearted he is cold blooded and most of all he is the meanest person on earth. I decided to call my sister and tell her I wouldn't be able to come home for her birthday. When I told her I could practically hear the sadness in her voice. When I was off the phone the lads showed up behind me. They helped me up and we headed home. When we were home I ran straight upstairs and locked my bedroom door. I took a shower and got in some sweats and no shirt and went to bed. 

When I woke up this morning I walked downstairs and the lads were trying to make me happy, It didn't work. I just sat there with a frown strung upon my face. Next thing I know Simon burst through the door telling us that we could go that the interview was canceled. I lit up like a light bulb and ran upstairs and got my bags cause I packed them just in case he changed his mind and i'm guessing the lads did the same thing. We headed out the door and to the airport to our private jet and back to England. I couldn't wait to see Jay.=]




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