Fallen Angels

Sixteen years ago, three angels fell from heaven. Rebecca, Caleb, and Jake fell into different locations, but Luka Valdes found them all. When they hit the earth, they were transformed into infants. Now rebellious teenagers, they know who and what they are and what they have done. The fallen angels can fight against the demonic invasion of earth in an effort to rejoin the heavenly ranks, or they can fight against the angels that threw them down.


1. Prolouge

Rebelica, Caledrial, and Jacenial stretched their long, white wings. And they took flight. Landing in the clouds beneath heaven, Rebelica snapped her fingers. She wore a short, white cocktail dress, and her male friends wore white tuxedos instead of their angelic robes.

"Come on! I heard the new club down on earth is amazing!" She said. Her wings stretched, and she plunged down through the clouds, gliding gently down to earth. When she landed, her wings retracted into her back. "Lets go." Caledrial said, landing beside her. Jacenial collided with the earth on his knees. Laughing, Rebelica strutted away, her slippers morphing into five-inch heels.

Walking into any club on earth made Rebelica feel special. All of the boys stared at her, and followed her. They wanted her. All the girls wanted to be her, and to be with Jacenial and Caledrial. She kissed both of their cheeks for show; they were only friends; and walked away to find some lucky boy to spend the evening with.

"Hey." A tall boy wearing jeans and a tee with a suit jacket on top walked up. He was defiantly attractive, but even though he wasn't her type, Rebelica chose to hang out with him. She smiled, and took his hand. She saw that her friends had done the same with some girls.

She danced, talked, and listened to the boy, who called himself Ryan. She knew when he was lying, and he lied a lot. He claimed to be rich, but she knew his family was struggling. He said that his hair was naturally black, but she knew it was blonde. Nevertheless, she kissed his lips at the end of the night, and gave him her number. She loved to break mortals' hearts.

After they left the club, she said, "So, how was your night?" The boys both told her that they had already sent a poor girl home in tears. Then they sprouted their wings and flew up into the clouds as fast as lightning.

They flew a bit above the grounds of heaven, then gently landed. They started going into the details of the night when somebody cleared their throat.

"Well, well, well. I knew you were up to no good again, Rebelica." It was Ithurial, an angel who was determined to have a reason to banish the younger ones. Almost none of them ever gave him a reason to. He was one of the oldest angels in heaven, and he wanted only the good angels to be there.

"Well, I know just how to punish you three." A wicked smile crossed Ithurial's beautiful face (all angels were beautiful. Even the obnoxious ones) and Rebelica felt her wings morph. They shrunk, and grew heavy. She gasped, and glanced over her shoulder. The wings were black. Caledrial and Jacenial both had small, dark wings as well.

"Now, be gone, demons. Let your wings remind you of what you truly are. You are fallen angels. Now fall." And with that, Ithurial shot them out of heaven. Rebelica flapped her wings, but she couldn't slow her fall. Suddenly, she screamed in panic as her body burst into flames.

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