Fallen Angels

Sixteen years ago, three angels fell from heaven. Rebecca, Caleb, and Jake fell into different locations, but Luka Valdes found them all. When they hit the earth, they were transformed into infants. Now rebellious teenagers, they know who and what they are and what they have done. The fallen angels can fight against the demonic invasion of earth in an effort to rejoin the heavenly ranks, or they can fight against the angels that threw them down.


3. More Phenomenon

Twice more that night did fireballs fall into the lake. They were both male, though. They both transformed into infants. The children were clothed in baptismal gowns, except they were all dark colors like the wings that had vanished. Each wore a necklace with a strange name on it.

"Rebelica," Luka read the necklace of the girl, "I'm going to call you Rebecca."
"Caledrial," was what Luka read off of the necklace of the first boy, "you can be Caleb."

"Jacenial," Luka spoke the name of the last boy, "how about Jake?" The children were all phenomenon. They were stronger than Luka had ever been by the time they were six years old. He raised them himself, hoping that they would tell him about what had happened, but they never showed any signs of knowing anything about it.

"Daddy," Rebecca asked one day, "where are we from?"

"I don't know, sweetie. I found you and Caleb and Jake in a basket outside of my house when you were newborns," he looked down at the six year old girl through his large round spectacles, "But I want to find out."


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