Fallen Angels

Sixteen years ago, three angels fell from heaven. Rebecca, Caleb, and Jake fell into different locations, but Luka Valdes found them all. When they hit the earth, they were transformed into infants. Now rebellious teenagers, they know who and what they are and what they have done. The fallen angels can fight against the demonic invasion of earth in an effort to rejoin the heavenly ranks, or they can fight against the angels that threw them down.


2. Fallen

Forcing herself to ignore the pain, Rebelica tried to fly, but her new wings couldn't glide, or do anything but flap uselessly. She noticed that Caledrial and Jacenial were both gone. Probably crash landed somewhere else. She fell into a lake, and felt real pain. The pain she had felt in Heaven, and while falling wasn't nearly as bad as this.

She had stood on water before, but obviously, her old powers were gone, because she began to sink. Flailing her arms helplessly, she heard a splash, and saw something swimming towards her. It was a mortal. But before he reached her, she changed again. And then, she blacked out.


Luka Valdes had always been a strange man. He spent all of his time in the forest charting strange star and weather patterns. On a particularly strange night, though, all of his theories were proven. He was in a tent near the sight of a coming storm when he saw a fireball falling from the sky.

He sprinted towards where the trajectory would land, and stopped at the edge of a pond.  The fireball hurtled into the pond, and extinguished itself, splashing Luka with icy cold water. A girl rose from the water, but she wasn't human. She had small black wings growing out of her back. Luka tried to ask her what she was, but then she collapsed into the water as if she had been standing on a platform that had been pulled away from under her. He couldn't lose her, though. He needed to know what she was.

Luka dove into the water and swam towards the girl who was sinking fast. Right before he reached her, she transformed in a light almost to bright for Luka to bear. Then, the girl was gone. Only an infant remained.

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