Epic Space book

Epic sci fi Parody



"Space Is a hellhole" Robot G.4.Y Said while aboard The D.A.M.N.I.T ExitPrise. Robot G.4.Y is a part of the D.A.M.N.I.T squad, along with Master Chef and the Star-Wreck gang. the D.A.M.N.I.T squad is an elite team of "Kick-Ass people" that save the universe. The Team Features Robot G.4.Y, a stupid robot, Master Chef, a cyborg who makes deadly meals, the star wreck gang and the shitterine, a fat man. The D.A.M.N.I.T squad also owns a delivery company called D.A.M.N.I.T express. Meanwhile, The Pixels, who are living video game characters try to rob a bank. The Three Pixels are Exorld, Grred and URL. "Hand me Yo money, BITCH!" Exorld said. "Umm, NO!" The Bank Cashier said. Meanwhile, Grred, Who is upside down on Exorld's head Pulls out a gun. "HE SAID HAND IT OVER, RETARD!" Greed Yells out. 

Exorld Takes the money that the cashier game him, until the D.A.M.N.I.T express ship comes.

"Hey, Bastards!" Shlock said "Drop the Money!" Captain Jerk replied. "I ain't lettin' no cops catch me!" Exorld said. Exorld than steps on Shlock's toe. "OW, MY GOD DAMN TOE!" Shlock said as the pixels got away.

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