Justin Bieber Love You Hate You

Nicole is Justin's best friend, but soon their love for each other becomes stronger, Justin starts drinking and partying more with his friends once he tries weed for the first time he got Jasmine from the party pregnant and she's doing her best to stay with Justin but Justin is in love with Nicole and he wants to be with her, while Jasmine does everything in her power to take Justin away from Nicole.


3. That day in the beach

Than after all of your friends and justin's jumped in the beach it left the two of you alone in the back of the car just talking. So both of you sat down in the floor and just lay back making both of your backs touch the car. Than ryan comes from behind you guys and says "so you guys decided to have some alone time huh." So than you jumped and said "you asshole you scared me dumb duck!." He laughed and said "oh i never knew." than said "so can you both answer my question?." Justin looks up at him and says "dude shut the fuck up already we are just talking about what plans we can do all together as a group next weekend cause i'm gonna miss you guys when i leave to the united states." ryan scratched his head and said "oh that's right fuck man we gonna miss you too buddy." Justin half smile and said "well can you leave me alone with nicole today i wanna spend time with her alone just as friends and than next weekend i'll hang out with all of you its just not fair for nicole cause i hang with you guys all the time and i barely have time to spend with her so yeah please understand that." ryan nods and says "yeah man i get you its fine with me and the rest of them keep talking we gonna be alright." He smiled and left than justin turns to look at you and sees tears rolling down your eyes so he says "nicole whats wrong baby." you look at justin for a minute than look away and say with tears in your eyes "i... just can't help knowing that your..... leaving..." Than he turns around and puts both hands on your cheeks and turns your head around making you look at him. Than he began saying "if you want i'll take you with me." you look up at him and say "i don't think my parents will let me." And more tears rolled down your cheek. But justin couldn't stand to see you like that so he pulls your face closer to his kissing your lips softly like if this was the end of your relationship with him. But than comes jasmine and says "oh my gosh i never thought i would interrupt i'm so sorry i'm going now." Than justin pulls away quick and shouts "jasmine come back look listen to me!." Than she came back and said "you think i'm stupid i actually liked you justin and i thought you were the right guy for me and now you do this i'm sorry i just can't talk to you right now." Than justin grabs her arm and says "jasmine i told you billions of times before this ever happened with me and nicole that i don't like you that way but you never get that through your head don't ya?." Than she left crying to chaz and chaz came up to justin and said "dude what did you say to my girlfriend why the fuck she crying." Than justin got close to him and said "your lil girlfriend which is my ex and i don't want nothing serious with her is telling me that she thought i was the right guy for her and that she can't talk to me after i did that." chaz looks at justin and said "did what." justin looks at chaz than looks at the floor and licks his lips and says "well she found me and nicole kissing." he looks shocked and said "you and nicole are going out?." justin looks at him and says "yeah why is there a problem as well?." chaz looks at justin and says 'no not at all but i don't understand why jasmine has to cry over that if she's not dating you." justin nods his head and says "exactly man that's why i'm telling you she's the one with the problem now me." than chaz said "look man go back with nicole i'll take jasmine for a walk by the beach so i got this ok and thanks for being honest bro." justin and chaz shakes hand and justin says "no problem and that's why bros are here for man to have each other's back and tell the truth to one another even if it hurts ." than chaz took jasmine for a walk and justin went back of the car and sat next to you and said "well now three people already know we dating so i might as well tell the rest so they won't freak out once they see us making out." you smiled and said "aww how sweet of you." than you leaned and justin did too and you both kept kissing each other after 5 minutes you both pulled away with smiles in your faces than justin said "babe if i have to take you in the middle of the night cause your parents won't let you go with me i will you know that right?." you look at him and say "babe they will never let me go and if i sneak out maybe they will call the cops and get you in jail so i don't want you to get in trouble for me ok." he looks at you and says "ima do this ima ask them first if the say no than that same night they said no i'll take you with me and if your too scared i'll get inside your bedroom window and carry you out but either way your coming with me there's no way on earth i'm leaving you here by yourself." you smiled and said "justin i love you so much i can't believe your actually doing this for me." he smiles and says "that's not all in fact i'll do anything to show you that my love to you is stronger than you think." you smiled and kissed his lips 

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