Justin Bieber Love You Hate You

Nicole is Justin's best friend, but soon their love for each other becomes stronger, Justin starts drinking and partying more with his friends once he tries weed for the first time he got Jasmine from the party pregnant and she's doing her best to stay with Justin but Justin is in love with Nicole and he wants to be with her, while Jasmine does everything in her power to take Justin away from Nicole.


6. Sneaking out with justin

~Nicole's POV~ i hear a knock on my window so i put the book i was reading on the bed and walk over to see Justin on top of the tree smiling at me. He looks at me with his brown chocolate eyes. "So you ready?" he says, i looked back at him "Um wait just a minute I'll go get dress." i closed the curtains so Justin wouldn't be checking my whole body out cause i was too embarrassed to show it to him like that. than i picked out from my closet a cute blue short with a cute short shirt that shows your stomach which i knew that would catch Justin's attention. i quickly go to the mirror and check myself out.   Nicole:"Damn i look good." i smile while blowing a kiss at the mirror. i heard Justin whistle softly.   Nicole:"Shhh... you gonna wake up my parents." he was so desperate to see me. i opened the curtain and sat down on the little corner of the window looking at Justin.    Nicole:"A little help here?" he looks back at me.  Justin:"Wait... hold on to my hand." he let out his hand to me while i was afraid of falling down and getting hurt, i reached for his hand while trying my best not to look down.  Nicole:"Justin......i  can't do it..... you know I'm scared of heights.." he looked at me in the eyes   Justin:"Babe just hold on to my hand i promise i won't letcha go" i half smiled and reached his hand one more time until i finally touched it and hold on to it, while throwing myself to him. he grabbed his other hand for support and pulled me up in the tree. once i was on top with him i hugged him tight not letting go.   Nicole:"Please don't let me fall." he smiled while hugging me back.  Justin:"don't worry shawty." he sat me down in a tree branch and jumped down.  Justin:"Throw yourself.... I'll catch you" i was looking at the floor.   Nicole:"Oh god." i threw myself while i shut my eyes close, i felt Justin grabbed me by my hips and that's when i finally opened my eyes. he put me down at the floor  Justin:"Are you okay?" i smile  Nicole:"Yeah...Thanks Justin.." he smiled while holding on to my hand and running with me by my side. i never sneaked out from my parents, only that one time when i was friend with Chaz's friend and i sneaked out to her house so we can have a little party, but now is different cause I'm going with Justin and even though i always liked him i never imagined him liking me back. Justin tilts his head to look at me   Justin:"So are you cool if friends come over at the party at my house?" i smile    Nicole:"Sure... there your friends anyways so you might as well spend time with them too." he smiled and kissed my forehead. once we got to Justin's house i see his mom Pattie in the sofa watching TV.     Justin:"Hey mom we're home." she turned her head and looked at us with a smile on her face, she quickly got up and hugged us both while welcoming me to her home.   Pattie:"Nicole you can come over and stay whenever you want too.... Your always welcome to our home.." i smile while giving her a hug.   Pattie:"So Justin i want you to take care of Nicole and watch over the house your father is coming any minute now..... were going on vacation for 2 weeks so i hope you guys have fun at the party and hope if you decide to do anything more than just kissing you use protection." she places both hands on Justin's cheek   Justin:"Mom!! I'm not a kid anymore.... i know i need to use protection for the safety of Nicole and mines." she smile while hearing Justin's words.    Pattie:"Okay Justin."  ~Knock Knock~   Pattie:"Oooo i think that's your father."  she opens the door and there was Jeremy standing outside the door, he walks inside and gives Justin a big hug.    Jeremy:"Hey son." Justin smiles.    Justin:"Hey dad." they both were hugging each other nonstop, it was like they haven't seen each other for a long while. after they were done hugging Jeremy looks at me and smiles while he bends down to kiss my cheek.    Jeremy:"Hey Nicole...Been a long while i haven't seen you around with Justin." i smile while kissing his cheek back.    Nicole:"Yeah.... i was real busy with school and.... helping out my parents......but now I'm free..." he smiles while turning to look at Justin.     Jeremy:"Okay Justin your mother and i are leaving for our vacation.... hope you guys have fun at the party and remember protect Nicole be a gentleman..... don't let any fool treat her wrong ya get me?" he pats Justin on the shoulder.    Justin:"Yeah i know dad..... and hope you guys have fun too...." Pattie and Jeremy gave me a hug and a kiss and did the same to Justin.   Pattie:"Bye guys and remember behave well."     Justin:"Sure will don't worry." he smiled and waved at them while they got inside their car and left. Justin closed the door behind him and goes to the sofa to lay back.   Justin:"Aren't my parents the best?" i went to sit next to him.     Nicole:"Yeah... i wish i had parents like that." i smile at Justin.  he leans in and puts his right hand on my cheek and kisses my lips softly making me smile, i wrapped my arms around his neck and lay back on the sofa making Justin be on top of me, while kissing him back.  he pulls away and looks at me.   Justin:"So you ready for the party?" i smile while looking at him.    Nicole:"Mhm... bring it on.." he takes out his phone and dials his friend.    Justin:"Hey Chaz bring all your friends over I'm throwing a party tonight."     Chaz:"Alright and can each of us bring a pack of beer?"     Justin:"Of course man.... we're here to spend a good time we gonna celebrate like theirs no tomorrow."     Chaz:"haha... alright bro ill see you there than... later."   Justin hanged up the phone and looked over at me.   Justin:"This party is gonna be awesome!." i smile    Nicole:"You sure about that?"   Justin:"I'm positive!." he gets up from the sofa and i got up and helped him with decorating the whole house for the party. when we both finished i took a look around the house.    Nicole:"Woah...we did a very good job decorating it." Justin smiles while looking at me.   Justin:"Yeah... thanks shawty." he gives me a quick peck on the lips.    ~Knock Knock~  Justin:"I think everyone came." he opens the door and chaz and a bunch of friends where outside, each of them had a pack of beer on their hands.   Justin:"Come in guys." he shakes their hands while they walked in.    Chaz:"LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!."  he shouted while grabbing a beer and putting loud music.  i sat down on the couch while Justin was in the kitchen drinking beer with Chaz. i guess they were talking about me cause they both kept looking at me.  one of Chaz's friend sits next to me.   Guy:"Hey there baby." he was holding a beer bottle in his hand.    Nicole:"Hi?" i gave him a weird look. he places his other hand on my leg and i quickly slapped it and got up.  Nicole:"Don't fucking touch me you fucking asshole." i shouted.  he looked at me weird.   Guy:"Calm down bitch." i slapped him across the face and he got up and punched my face. i fell back at the floor crying.  Nicole:"How could you?!?"  Justin quickly runs over and sees me on the floor and helps me get up.   Justin:"are you okay?"  i sobbed.   Nicole:"He punched me!." Justin turns his face to look over at the guy and looks furious at him while clenches his fist.    Justin:"You fucking asshole." he grabbed the guy by the neck and threw him against the floor, while punching his face millions of times. Chaz quickly pulls Justin away from the guy and Ryan takes the guy and kicks him in the face.   Ryan:"That's what you get for hitting Justin's girl you bitch." he grabbed him by the hair and  kicked him outside the house, while slamming the door in his face. Ryan walks up to me.  Ryan:"are you okay Nicole?"  i nod.   Nicole:"Yeah.. thanks for defending me and thank you too Justin." Justin kisses my forehead.  Justin:"they defend you cause their my best friends... and they care a lot for you as much as i do too." i smiled and hugged Justin.   Nicole:"Thank you guys you all mean so much to me." i hugged Chaz and Ryan. when i pulled away Justin grabbed my hand and took me to the backyard while we both sat down, Chaz comes in.  Chaz:"do you guys want beer?"   Justin:"Yeah i want one."  i look at Justin.    Nicole:"Me too.." Chaz:"Alright I'll be back with the beer."  Justin wraps his arm around my shoulder and leans to kiss my neck.   Nicole:"Babe!... that tickles." he laughs.     Justin:"i know that's why i like doing it." he kissed my neck again.    Nicole:"i swear you keep on and your gonna regret it."  he looks at me and begins cranking up.   Justin:"Whatcha gonna do shawty?" he smiled, i look back at him and began tickling him.     Justin:"Haha...ha.... babe stop......BABE!!...." i started laughing hard at the way he said it. he sounded like he was a little kid laughing. i stopped and looked at him.   Nicole:"Are you gonna stop kissing my neck?" he smiled.   Justin:"Yeah.... but once we cuddle each other I'll get you back." he winks.  later Chaz walks in with two beers in his hands.    Chaz:"Here ya go." he gives one to Justin and me.  i started taking zip by zip.   Nicole:"Mmmm. its good."  Justin turns his head to look at me.    Justin:"Yup."   ~After we were both drunk~  Justin:"Wanna go to the room."   i nod.    Nicole:"Yeah."   he takes my hand and we both started walking to his room. once we were there he closed the door and locked it.  i turn to look at him. Nicole:"Why you lock the door?"  he turns to look at me and begins to whisper.    Justin:"cause i want us to have a little more privacy."  he leans down to kiss me, i kissed him back while he quickly grabs me by my hips and picks me up, crossing my legs around his waist. i wrapped my arms behind his neck and kept kissing him more, he places me on the bed gently, while he lays my head on the pillow. he pulls away and begins kissing my neck.     Nicole:"Ohh..."      Justin:"Do you like it?"   Nicole:"Yeahhh."  he grabs on the bottom of my shirt and pulls it up taking it off, he throws it at  the floor, while  beginning to take off his shirt, he than unzips my pants, while taking it off. i helped him unzip his pants and belt, he was now on boxers only, while i was on bra and underwear i stopped to look at him.  Nicole:"can i ask you something?"  he looks back at me.    Justin:"Sure."  Nicole:"Are you a virgin?"    Justin:"Well..... i never said this to anyone before..... but yeah...."   Nicole:"Are you for real?"    Justin:"Yeahh.. promise me you won't tell anyone."  Nicole:"i promise... and I'm a virgin too."  Justin:"Really?"     Nicole:"Yeah... so you have to go easy on me."   Justin:"Are you sure you want me to be your first one?"    Nicole:"Yeah.... why you don't want too?" Justin:"Of course but...."        Nicole:"But what?"    Justin:"I'm scared you might tell everyone i lost my virginity to you and.... you lost it to me.... i just want this to stay between us both okay?"   i look into his eyes i can tell he was being honest.      Nicole:"Okay."  he takes off his boxers and throws it at the floor, while uncliping my bra his arms wrapped around my back.  once he was done he puts it down and takes off my underwear making me feel ready. he leans down to my ear and whispers  Justin:"You ready shawty?" i closed my eyes.   Nicole:"Yeahh... please go easy on me." he gets his penis and places it inside me, he begins to push in softly.   Nicole:"oooww."   Justin:"Shawty hold on tight." i hold on to him and he pushed inside once again, but this time really hard to get it inside me fully.  Nicole:"Owwww..... babe..."  he leans down close to my ear.   Justin:"I'm sorry i had too... it was tight..." he started thrusting in and out, he places one hand on my left boob and begins to massage it while thrusting inside me.    Nicole:"Ohhhhh..... that feels soooo goood...."   sweat was spreading all around Justin's forehead.     Justin:"Youu....like....it?"     Nicole:"Yesss.....Ahhhh......Feels sooo goooood....."   he kept going inside me hard, he grabs my waist and pushes me closer to him, making his dick go inside me all the way, butterflies where going everywhere inside my stomach.    Nicole:"Oooh..."    Justin:"You like that baby?" he moans.    Nicole:"Yesss... your dick feeelss.....good insideeee.....meeee..."  he started going faster and faster.    Justin:"Babbbee.....   I'm..... Close...."  i felt myself wet and that's when Justin exploded all his cum inside me making me smile like crazy.   Nicole:"ahhh....that was AWESOME!..."   he smiled.  Justin:"So did you enjoyed it?"     Nicole:"Fuck Yeah...."  he takes out his penis and gets dressed, while on the other hand i was getting dressed as well.

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