Justin Bieber Love You Hate You

Nicole is Justin's best friend, but soon their love for each other becomes stronger, Justin starts drinking and partying more with his friends once he tries weed for the first time he got Jasmine from the party pregnant and she's doing her best to stay with Justin but Justin is in love with Nicole and he wants to be with her, while Jasmine does everything in her power to take Justin away from Nicole.


4. Sneaking out that night

So after you pulled away from the kiss justin looks straight into your eyes and says "so about tonight are you fully sure you coming with me." you look at him and say "um justin i really want too but my parents their gonna find out soon." he looks at you and says "so either they accept it or your gonna still go with me either they like it or not your mine and you don't deserve to be left alone in here what if when you start school those assholes that used to bother you would keep on cause they know i'm not there at the moment. you turn around to look at him and say "justin baby i love you and fuck my parents ill go with you i just love you a lot that your totally right what if they do keep bullying me and your not there to defend me its just sad and heart breaking so yes i made up my mind i'm going with you." you smiled so big and so did justin and than he got up and took out his phone and sall that its 7;00 pm and his friends and your friends are still on the beach so than justin grabs your hand and says "i think its time to let them all know the truth." he smiled after he said that and you both walked in the sand where all of your friends were at and justin shouts "Hey guys!." everyone stopped what they were doing and they all turned around to look at justin and ryan says "yo don't tell me its time to go home cause our parents called." justin nods his head from left to right and said "nah man its not that its something really important that i would like you all to know so once you find out you won't go nuts about it." everyone started talking to each other all at once and they all kept saying "omg what can it be is it that justin is planning to stay in the united states forever what can it be?." than justin shouted "Guys shut up already and listen." so everyone did as he said than justin began looking at all of them and said "well you all know nicole me and her are really good friends but guess what? that changed since today i'm glad she forgot her bathing suit cause if she didn't this wouldn't of happened but i just wanna admit to you guys that with all my respect i would like your respects too ok and what i mean is me and nicole are now more than friends i always had feelings for her but never planned on telling her till now and i'm taking her with me to the united states cause she's my girlfriend and she needs me but that don't mean i would stop talking to you guys on the phone and chatting on oovo so don't get me wrong and i love you guys from the bottom of my heart and i would like you all to get use of the fact of me and nicole dating ok i know it might be weird at first but i know you guys will get the hang of it." everyone shouted "awww." and than ryan shouted "bro we all understand you totally and we all wish you the best with your career over there in the u.s and with nicole so take good care of her man and take care of yourself too." justin and ryan smiled and gave each other a brother hug and everyone than started walking up to justin and began hugging him turn by turn it was really nice and cool that they understood justin and that their ok with nicole being his girlfriend. than justin holds on to your hand and says "guys if you want i'll stay for a bit but in 30 minutes i gotta go take nicole home they all said "aw man." than ryan said "look man if you want you can take her now cause me and chaz are heading home so the rest are staying for a lil bit and their parents will pick them up." than justin smiled and took you by the hand and said "babe let's go." you got inside the car with him and so did chaz and ryan.  justin than started the car and drove straight to drop of chaz and ryan and when he did it left the two of you alone in the car so justin drives all the way to your aunt's house and when he got there he says "babe remember tonight at 10 or 11 pm when your parents are fully asleep and so is your aunt than you text me if not i'll be there at 10." she half smile cause she knew her parents where gonna find out soon so than she turns to look at justin and says "ok babe but if i'm going with you that means we aren't coming back right?." he looks at her and says "we are coming back i can't leave my friends like that but whenever they give a vacation we both will just come here and than go back up there but your gonna be living with me so your parents can't take you away from me cause i'll go to court and say that your 16 and i'm 17 but i work and i can maintain you so theres no problem what so ever." she smiled and said "i really hope i can stay with you and not with my parents." than she checks her phone and see that its 9:00 pm so she quickly said "oh babe i gotta go look what time it is." than justin looks at his time on his phone and says "oh ok than just get ready for tonight ok baby." you smile and before you left justin grabs your hand and gets closer to you and kisses your lips softly which made you feel so many sparks all at once. than after you both pulled away you went straight to your aunt's house.

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