Justin Bieber Love You Hate You

Nicole is Justin's best friend, but soon their love for each other becomes stronger, Justin starts drinking and partying more with his friends once he tries weed for the first time he got Jasmine from the party pregnant and she's doing her best to stay with Justin but Justin is in love with Nicole and he wants to be with her, while Jasmine does everything in her power to take Justin away from Nicole.


2. On the mall with Justin

Than you say "oh justin". and giggle he smiles and says "nicole can i ask you something?." you kinda smiled and said "sure." than he begins licking his dry lips and says "if i tell you something will you be honest and keep it a secret between the both of us?." you kinda wondered what it was so you said "um sure". than he smiles and says "do you wanna go out with me?." you totally freaked out! you didn't know if he was actually joking around or if he was serious so you say "justin are you sure?." he looks up at you and says "yeah why you gotta boyfriend?." you look at him and say "no way but yes i will date you i mean i was waiting for this to happen since forever." he smiles and you did too than said "remember we made a promise that we both won't tell no one ok". you look at him and scratch your head and say "but why can't nobody know that. do you gotta girlfriend?." he looks at you and says "no its that you know we are best friends in front of everyone and by everyone i mean chaz, my mom, ryan, jasmine, and your friends. so we might as well  kiss and have our moments in a private place where no one familiar is there to be shocked once they see us." you half smile and said "oh ok sure" than justin gets up from the sofa of the waiting room and puts one hand on your right hip and pulls you close to him. your heart began pounding in your chest and than you smiled it off so justin won't notice that. and justin than begins leaning down and kisses your lips softly and you felt so many butterflies inside your stomach as much as you felt sparks as well. you smile through the kiss and reply to it with more passion and more love. than after 3 minutes of making out justin pulled away and said with a smile "that.. was great." and bites his bottom lip and than puts his thumb on your lip and moves it around your whole lip and begins to say "those lips of yours are juicy." you couldn't help but blush than he took you by than hand and said "lets go before it gets dark." so you grab the bathing suit you tried on and walk with justin all the way to the cashier. than you give it to her and justin looks at the lady and raises his eyebrows and says to her "i think i know you. you look familiar." she looks at justin and says "yeah probably you do i was your ex remember?." you totally freaked the hell out and said to justin "shes your ex!." in a loud tone he looks at you and says " um yeah but we over so nothing to worry about." she looks at justin and justin looks at her. than he says "caitlin right?." she nods her head and says "don't act dumb you know exactly thats me." justin rolls his eyes and than says "so how much for the bathing suit." she passes the bathing suit through the machine and it beeps than she says without even looking at justin "$5.99." he nods his head and takes out his wallet from his back pocket and takes out a 10 dollar bill and hands it to caitlin. than gives justin his change and justin takes it from her and puts it inside his wallet than caitlin looks at you and justin and says "have a great day." with a smile you rolled your eyes at her and so did justin and than justin took the bag with the bathing suit inside and hold your hand while walking straight to the car. you both where quiet while walking and than you broke the silence by saying "justin you never told me about caitlin i thought we where best friends." and he stops by the back of some car and looks at you mad and says "first of all now your both my best friend and my girlfriend. and second it was something i never told no one the only one who knew about that was ryan cause hes my close buddy." that hurt you like a bullet going through your chest so tears rolled down your cheek and you said "so you saying that i was never your close buddy and not a trust worthy person." he looks at you with his eyes about to cry and says "i never said that baby don't ever think that about me ever ok i love you and i always thought you where my close buddy and a trust worthy person but thing was that it was chaz's sister who i was dating and i had to tell ryan to help chaz calm down cause he said if i ever break her heart he was gonna break my face. and ryan and chaz are really close." you kinda understood why he didn't told you but at the same time it burned inside you so you just said "alright than forget it." justin walks close to you and wipes the tears off your face and says "no beautiful girl like you deserves to cry." and he smiles while a tear rolled down his face you look at him and said "why are you crying?." he looks down at the floor and says "i... i planned on killing caitlin after what she did after she laughed in my face and said i deserve it cause i never loved her enough." you look at him and put your pointer finger under his chin and pull his head up and say "what did she do to you that hurt you so much." he looks at you with tears in his eyes and wipes it off with his hands and says "she slept with another guy who i use to hang out in school a lot and we use to skate in the park after school to have fun but i guess he wasn't a real friend like he said he was." you than say "oh im sorry babe." and hug justin tight and he does the same. after a minute of hugging each other in silence he than grabs your face and gives you a big kiss on your lips and says "i don't want you to ever do that to me ok baby if you don't think i love you enough say so don't just do what that girl did ok." you look at him and say "i won't do anything to hurt you justin i love you and there's no way ill leave the guy of my dreams for an asshole of the night." he smiles and takes your hand and walks up to the car and opens the door for you. once you got inside he closes it and walks to the other side of the driver's seat and opens the door and gets inside. than closes it and starts the car and smiles while looking at you and begin to say "im very lucky to have a girl as sweet and special as you." you smiled and said "aww justin im lucky to have you too." than justin starts driving straight back to pick up chaz, jasmine and a few friends from them. while both of you where just on the car justin says while looking at you "babe if you want you can turn on the radio so we won't be so quiet on the way don't want them to be thinking be fought or something." you smiled and say "true." and turn the radio on and began listening to music while you and justin where singing the lines that you both knew. and than after a whole hour you and justin finally arrived and than justin gets outta the car and walks over to your side and opens the door for you than says in a low whisper " babe i think they are inside lets go and remember once we walk inside that door we are just friends." you look at justin and said "yeah i know." than he closes the door behind you and walks straight to pattie's house which is justins mom and you followed him to the door and than justin knock and than pattie opens and says "oh hey nicole and hey justin come in were all waiting for you guys." and smiled and you both walk inside and than justin sees chaz and shouts "bro man." and they both shake hands than he says "alright man lets go." and everybody starts to leave and pattie shouts "drive safe justin and take good care of the girls ok." and by the girls she means nicole and jasmine and so than jasmine sits in the back with  me and chaz and ryan sits up front. than all of you began listening to the radio while justin was driving us to the beach once we got there we all screamed wohoo!!. and than justin and i were just helping with the beach stuff so than he whispers while both of you were in the back of the car trunk "im planning to stay till night and they are too but they said if they are tired or sleepy they would call  their parents to pick them up so you know what that means." he looks at you and winks you look back at him and say "what " than he says "we gonna have some alone time here at the beach and its gonna be really beautiful in the night so can't wait for it." he smiled and so did you 

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