Justin Bieber Love You Hate You

Nicole is Justin's best friend, but soon their love for each other becomes stronger, Justin starts drinking and partying more with his friends once he tries weed for the first time he got Jasmine from the party pregnant and she's doing her best to stay with Justin but Justin is in love with Nicole and he wants to be with her, while Jasmine does everything in her power to take Justin away from Nicole.


7. Feeling Sick

  ~Justin's POV~                                                                                                                                                                                      i woke up in the morning with a huge headache i felt like someone just bashed me in the head with a bat, i turn to look behind me and there i see Nicole sleeping, she looks like an angel. i couldn't help but smile, i got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a hot relaxing shower. i start to take off all my clothes when i hear a familiar voice come from the room. Nicole:"Justin...!"  i grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist and stepped outside the bathroom.  Justin:"Yes Babe.?" i looked at her and she shoots a smile at me.  Nicole:"What were you doing Hun.?"  Justin:"Um... can't you see i was about to take a shower.?" she looks at me with pain in her eyes, i guess i hurt her with what i said.  i walk up to her and hug her. Justin:"I'm sorry babe its that i don't feel good i have this huge headache and i thought maybe a hot shower would cool it off."  she half smiled.  Nicole:"So.... can i take a shower with you..? if you don't mind?"  i smile and gave her a peck on the lips.  Justin:"Sure Baby.."  i grabbed her hand and we both went inside the bathroom.  "Nicole:"Um... can i ask you something.?"  Justin:"Yeah.."   Nicole:"Um..... did we do anything last night?"   Justin:"Well...All i could remember is we both were drunk and we went to my room and we started making out, after that i can't remember what happened next." Nicole:"Oh..."   Justin:"Why is something wrong? Like if we did do something you regret it now?"  she took a moment to think.  Nicole:"No.... i would love to have sex with you but the thing is.... what if my parents find out? my mom would totally kick my ass out of her house."  Justin:"Well if she does you can come and live with me." i smiled at her.   Nicole:"What about your parents?"  Justin:"They wouldn't mind having you live with us, you know they love you right? and their happy that you're my girl."  she looked at me shocked.   Nicole:"Really.?"  she smiled.   Justin:"Yeah babe why would i lie to you.. if you don't believe me just ask them when they come from their vacation."  Nicole:"No i believe you babe." i smile and kissed her forehead.  i took off the towel that was wrapped around my waist and placed it on the sink, got inside the shower and began bathing myself. Nicole was taking off her clothes but she was taking a little bit too long, so i decided to open the curtain and take a look at what she's doing.  she turned back to look at me.  Nicole:"Babe! stop looking at me!" i smirked.  Justin:"Why not..?"   Nicole:"Cause I'm checking something.." Justin:"Checking what... your beautiful pussy?" i giggled.  Nicole:"Shut up! I'm looking at the blood stain that i have on my underwear and I'm wondering if i have my period or...."   Justin:"Or if you lost your virginity?"  Nicole:"Yeah... That too."  Justin:"Babe just come inside with me and let's take a hot relaxing shower.... if you want I'll take you to the doctor to check you out.. and its gonna have to be a woman cause i don't want no guy to be checking my girl's pussy out cause it's mine only you hear me."  Nicole:"Yes babe.." she chuckles and gets inside with me.  i place my hands on her face and lean down to kiss her lips softly, while her hands are wrapped around my waist, pushing me against her body. i could feel the hot heat from the water stream down my body and it gave me a feeling of fucking. i couldn't help myself she gave me a boner. she pulls away and looks down at my big cock.  Nicole:"Um... why is that up.?"  Justin:"Cause you made it go up."   i laughed. she was laughing as well, after we were both done laughing we went back to making out. she tries to touch my dick but she's too shy to do it, so i grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. she opened her mouth while letting me slide my tongue inside her, releasing a soft moan. she starts massaging my penis while making it harder, i place two fingers inside her pussy thrusting it in and out, i remove them and suck clean both of my fingers, damn it taste so good. she looked at me.  Nicole:"Babe make love to me."  Justin:"You sure about that?"  Nicole:"Yes.... make love to me now!.. I'm desperate for you baby."  Justin:"Alright shawty."  i place my hands on her hips and carry her while pushing her body against the wall, she wraps her legs around my waist and places both of her hands around my neck, making out with me nonstop. i could feel how shes begging for sex so i grabbed my penis with one hand and pushed it inside her, she screams.  Nicole:"Ohhh babe..."  i begin to thrust in and out softly making her wanting more, i lean down to kiss her neck while she leans her head back.  Nicole:"Ohhhhhhhhh. Jussstttinnnn...... do it harder..... i wannaaaa...... feel you.....inside....." i took the pace and began thrusting in hard making her boobs jump up and down.  Justin:"Fuck this feels so good..."  Nicole:"You like fucking me huh?"  Justin:"Fuck yeah....you're body is perfect baby....I'm obsessed with it."  Nicole:"Than take it... its all yours...do what you want with it." i lean down and begin sucking on one of her boob. she places her hands on the back of my head and starts pulling my hair.  Nicole:"Ohhhhhhh.... this feels soooo good..."  i pulled away and sucked on her neck while fucking her hard, i started to feel this feeling that felt so damn good, it felt like if you were in heaven felt incredibly good, i could feel the cum erupt all inside her pussy making her moan softly in relief.  Nicole:"Ohhhhhhh that felt great babe...."  i smiled.  Justin:"it sure did baby." i kissed her on the lips one last time and we both went back to showering.  ~After 2 hours Showering~   we both got out of the shower and got dressed, Nicole put on a cute dress which matched the clothes i was wearing     http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/8qoy4r-l-610x610-skirt-flower-skirt-shirt-jewels-romper--justinbieber-cute-i-want-it-so-bad-please-find-it-love-this-outfit-neckalace-floral-pink-black-skater-skirt-flowers-hipster-black-floral-pri.jpg       this is what i was wearing       http://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Justin-Bieber-And-Selena-Gomez-Arriving-At-Their-Hotel-In-Toronto-September-6-1.jpg                                       ~Nicole's POV~                                                                                                                                                                                    i looked at myself one last time at the mirror and smile. Nicole:"Do i look good babe?" i turn to look at Justin.  he smiled while looking at me from head to toe.  Justin:"You look gorgeous babe."  Nicole:"You think so.?" i grin  Justin:"I know so." he placed one hand on my hip and pulled me towards him, he leans in and kisses my lips softly, it feels so good to kiss him, feeling his warm soft lips on mine just by thinking about it brings butterflies to my stomach. i turn to see Justin talking and that's when i stopped talking  to myself  so i came back to reality. Justin:"Nicole are you even listening to what I'm saying.?" i look at him.  Nicole:"Um.. no sorry.. can you say that again.?"  he shook his head. Justin:"What i was saying was...if you wanna go out on a date tonight just me and you?."  i scratched my head.  Nicole:"Babe you know i would never say no but... what if my parents find out I'm not home..? what if they call the cops? they overreact a lot and don't want to get you in any trouble." he puts his warm hands on my cheeks and looks at me in the eyes.  Justin:"Babe I'll talk to my mom about that and tell her that you wanna live with us and that way you don't have to worry about your parents anymore."  Nicole:"Babe... i know my parents very well....if you and your mom show up at my house i bet you anything she will ground me for a month or two and she will take away my phone and laptop."   Justin:"Okay okay than....how about you just don't go there at all... and stay here with me... that way we can sleep together.."  Nicole:Babe i slept with you last night i never done that in my whole life.... and you're the first guy that i ever slept with and the first guy who makes me do all these things for him....just to prove my love for you....but I'm very scared Justin....I'm scared that my mom finds out I'm not in my room today and she will kill me like not actually kill me but she will send me away to my aunt's and she lives far as fuck."  Justin:"Alright let's do this you go to your house today...I'll drop you off there and at night you get yourself ready and we can go on that date....and maybe you can stay again tonight...please for me baby?."  Nicole:"Alright Honey."   i could never say no to him how could i? can't you see he's all perfect and good looking, and besides i love sleeping with him, the way he wraps his arms around my waist feels like I'm in heaven.   Justin:"Alright lets go before your mom finds out you're not in your room." he grabs my hand and we both started running straight to my house which is closed by to his, just a few blocks away.  ~20 minutes After~  we finally got there phew, only thing is Justin and i are both out of breath and sweating, my mom can't see me like that, I'll just go take a quick shower and pretend that everything is fine. Justin grabbed my face and kissed my lips softly he pulls away smiling.  Justin:"I'll be outside your window at 10 o' clock you be ready by that time so we can explore the world together." he added with a smile.  Nicole:"Awww okay babe."  Justin:"Love you."  Nicole:"Love you too."  i blew a kiss at him and he blows one right back at me. i remembered that i can't climb trees.  Nicole:"Um.... a little help here." he looked back and realized i needed help climbing up the tree. he came up to me and put his hands out so i can be able to climb the tree. i placed my feet on his hands and was able to reach a tree branch, i hold on to it and that's when Justin grabs me by my legs and pulls me up so i could reach it. i than grabbed on to another branch and finally sat down the tree, i slowly got up and walked towards my window, i counted to 3 and jumped to my window which i hit my forehead against it.  Nicole:"Owww."  Justin:"Are you okay?" he shouted. i look down below me.  Nicole:"Shush... my parents might hear you.." i whispered.  he stood there watching every move i did. i finally opened the window and got inside my room i fell to the floor and quickly got up and looked down from my window to see Justin still standing there.  Nicole:"You can go now babe I'll be ready by 10." i smile at him.  Justin:"Okay love you." Nicole:"Love you too." i whispered. he started to walk away and i decided to close the window and the curtains so my parents won't see it. i quickly went in the bathroom and took a quick shower.  ~Knock Knock~  i heard a knock on the door oh shit that's probably my mom so i got out of the shower and got dressed in this    http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/87/74/f8/8774f895155a6d5bbd9bfef26a5d7cdd.jpg                                                                               Nicole:"I'm coming!." i shouted while putting on my sandals, i ran to the door and opened it there i sall my mother standing there just looking at me, i felt like she wanted to ask me something.  Nicole:"Yes mom.?"  Mom:"Sweet heart i was so scared why did you took so long to wake up this morning your brother was calling you many times and your father as well and i thought you were sleeping for a while so i told them not to bother you and now i couldn't take it anymore i had to see what was wrong with you, are you okay sweet heart.?"  i rolled my eyes.  Nicole:"Of course I'm okay mom you know i always wake up late."  Mom:"Yeah but not this late."  Nicole:"Well... thing is i was on the computer yesterday and i was watching my favorite shows and i went to sleep around 3 in the morning cause their was so many shows to watch and i couldn't finish them all so i just stopped it and went to sleep, so that's why i woke up so late today cause I'm tired i didn't had much sleep yesterday, so right when you knock on my door i was taking a shower to get some drowsiness off my body."  Mom:"Alright sweet heart remember in 2 weeks school starts so your little vacation is over, so you better wake up early when you need to go to school you hear me?."  Nicole:"Yes mother..... so can i sleep late until my vacation is over?."   she began to think for a second.  Nicole:"Please mother...."  i begged.    Mom:"Fine.. but when school starts you're in charge of waking up early okay.?"  Nicole:"Alright mom love you." i hugged her tightly giving her a gentle squeeze, i knew that if she let me go to sleep late she wouldn't be worrying about me so much and that way i can sneak out and sleep over with Justin. she smiled while hugging me back.  she pulls away to look at me.   Mom:"Dinner's almost ready so when its done I'll call you and your brother cause your father is in the couch watching TV and he always eats when you guys are done cause he says he wants you both to get along so he thought if you both ate together you might start being polite to each other and just get along as brothers and sisters do."  Nicole:"Okay mother whatever you say." i closed the door to my room behind me and jammed to some pop music to my ears. i love the rhythm of the song and the lyrics are awesome, its from this artist called Cady Groves the title of the song is this little girl it mostly describes how a girl is willing to murder the guy who broke her heart cause he hurt her by cheating behind her back, and she is willing to murder him for that, that mostly describes me a little bit, if any guy hurts me in any way i think I'll loose control and end up killing him, who knows.  ~1 Hour Later~   Mom:"NICOLE!....BRIAN DINNER IS READY!." i hear my mom scream from the kitchen ugh, fucking hate having to eat dinner with the jerk of my brother, he's only 17 and he thinks he's so cool cause he has his own rock band which sucks ass. i walk downstairs and sit down in the kitchen table and began eating my food, i heard footsteps and that's when i see my lame ass brother walking down the stairs. he sits down in his chair and looks at me with a smile on his face.  Brian:"So sis when are you planning to get a boyfriend.?" i rolled my eyes and ignored him while continuing eating my food.   Brian:"You stayed quiet cause you don't have an answer for that don't ya ahaha." he started cranking up and i could feel my blood started to boil up inside my veins, and my face turning red as a tomato.  Nicole:"Shut the fuck up you don't know anything about my personal life."  Brian:"Ooo someone's mad..... and i do know about your stupid personal life its called having no life what so ever retard."  i got up from the table and started punching my brother hard on the face, he got up mad and punched me hard on the nose, i began to bleed.  Nicole:"You fucking jack ass look what you did to my nose! I'm bleeding!.."  Brian:"Well... no one told you to punch me bitch."  my mom came into the kitchen and was mouth opened when she sall that i was bleeding from my nose.  Mom:"What the fuck happened here?."   Nicole:"Mom i can explain."  Brian:"No i can explain."  Mother looks at Brian.   Mom:"Brian tell me what happened.. and tell me why is your sister's nose bleeding."  Brian:"Yes mother.....first it started off with Nicole calling me names so i got offended and said shut up and she just got up from the table and started punching me so i just.....punched her back but it was cause she got me mad.... she was beating me up mom and i wasn't gonna let her beat me up like that okay.."    Nicole:"That's a fucking lie Brian.... MOM! don't listen to him he's making all that shit up... i swear mom!."  she starts to look at the both of us thinking who's telling the truth.   Mom:"You know what..."   Nicole:"What..?"  Mom:"You young lady are grounded for a month for hitting your brother, and you young man you're grounded for 2 months for hitting your sister you know you can't hit girls! how many times have i told you NEVER HIT A GIRL!."   Nicole:"But MOM!.. THAT'S NOT FAIR!!.."  Mom:"You know what's not fair?.... having two children who can't get along damn well.. now inside your rooms now and don't get out until tomorrow."  Nicole:"Ugh fine... YOU A FUCKING BITCH ANYWAYS!." Mother turns to me and grabs my arm before i left to my room.  Mom:"Who do you think your talking to young lady?.. do i seem like a slut to you?."  i rolled my eyes and she just slapped me, i opened my mouth in shock while having my right hand on my cheek.  Nicole:"HOW COULD YOU?!? YOUR A FUCKING MONSTER!." i turned to look at her and slapped her hard against the face while running to my room, i got inside and slammed the door behind me while locking it. tears where falling down my face and i threw myself on my bed, covering my face with my pillow.  Nicole:"UGHHHH FUCK MY LIFE." i screamed with my face against the pillow.  ~Brrrr~ i heard a vibration, and than i thought.... its my phone! i started searching for it all around my room, i finally found it inside my drawer and i got a text message from Justin, it says "Hey beautiful get ready for that date it starts in 2 hours, I'm here hanging with Chaz but no worries when its time for our date he's gonna stay here at my house to watch over it and we be having fun  Haha... well once we come to my house i wanna give you a surprise you might like... Nahh just kidding i know you will love it :)  Miss you lots."  Nicole:"Shiiiit in 2 hours he's coming... so what time is it now?" i looked at the time on my phone, 8:00 pm.  Nicole:"Damn... i gotta get ready before he comes." i went to the bathroom and took a shower.  ~1 hour later~  i dry myself up with a towel and got dressed in this: http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/d387pc-l-c680x680-gold-dress-short-dress-glitter-dress-shiny-heels-girl-sparkle-prom-homecoming-party-dance-shoes-prom-dress-sparkling-dress-gold-and-sparkly-dress-sparkly-dress-short-prom-dress-gol.jpg                                                                                                                                                                              i started putting my makeup on, once i was done i let my straight hair down and took a last look in the mirror, i smiled while turning myself around and seeing how good i looked in that dress.  ~Brrr Brrr Brr Brr~ i heard my phone vibrate, i picked up.  Nicole:"Hello?" i whispered.   Justin:"it's me babe."  Nicole:"Oh hey Hun i didn't check who was calling so what's up?"  Justin:"What's up? haha that's funny."  i raised one eyebrow.  Nicole:"What's funny?" i sat down on my comfy big bed while putting my phone on my left ear, and putting on the bracelet that matched with my dress.  Justin:"Look outside your window.."  Nicole:"Um.. okay?"  i got up from my bed while holding on to my phone, looking outside my window, there i see Justin standing outside with a cute tux and nice hair, well even though his hair was always looking perfectly hot. i could see him smiling while looking up at me, i waved at him, letting him know to give me a minute. Justin was wearing this: http://www.disneydreaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Jusin-Bieber-Tux.jpg                                           i quickly turned off the lights on my room so my mother could think I'm actually sleeping, i tippy toe towards the window trying not to make noise with my high heels, and sat on the corner of the window looking down at Justin.   Justin:"Throw yourself I'll catch you." he shouted.   Nicole:"I'm scared." i whispered while putting my pointer finger to my lips giving him a sign not to shout. he got the message and began to whisper.   Justin:"Read your texts."  i looked at my phone and had 5 text messages from Justin, i opened one it said, "Baby throw yourself I'll catch you i promise."  The second one said, "Hey what's wrong baby? throw yourself trust me i will catch you."  the third one said, "You look beautiful you really do know how to catch my attention."  that one made me smile.  i continued reading the fourth text, "Tonight is gonna be special."  That brought butterflies to my stomach.  The last text, "i just wanted to say i......love......you...... and want you..... to be happy :)  awww he's so sweet to me, i gotta admit i love being his girl cause he treats me like his princess.  i glanced down to the window and took a breath, i put one feet on the tree branch and slipped, i hold on fast to the branch and closed my eyes hoping Justin would help me.  i could hear Justin whispering "i got you." so with my eyes still close i let go off the branch and felt a pair of hands grabbing onto my waist and putting me down, feeling the floor touch my feet. i opened my eyes to see Justin smiling at me.   Justin:"See i told you i was gonna catch you if you fall."  i smile wide and gave him a big hug.   Nicole:"Thank you so much babe."  he hugged me back.   Justin:"No need to thank me baby, you know its my job to keep you safe."  he hold on to my hand, sliding his fingers between mines, while walking out slowly towards his house.  ~30 minutes later~  we arrived at Justin's house and outside there was a fine looking ass car which caught my attention.  this is how the car looks like: http://www.mhdwallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/297cd2d6477ac58616554f3fcb4e761d.jpg                                                                                                                                  he opened the door for me, giving me that cute precious smile he has.  Justin:"For my lady."  i smile while getting inside the car.  Nicole:"Thanks babe."  he closed the door while going to the driver's seat and sat on the chair, turning on the car while i was exploring how good the car looked from inside, it was much cooler than the outside but still awesome.             ~2 hours later~   Justin:"We're here."  i took off my seat belt and looked at Justin.   Nicole:"Where are we?"  he smiled while looking at me.   Justin:"i said its a date so I'm not gonna say much."  i punched him playfully on the shoulder.    Nicole:"Common tell me.."   Justin:"Nope you will have to see for yourself."  he got out of his car, and opened the door from my side. he let out his hand to me, i hold on to it and got out.  He closes it and leans towards me, pushing me against the car. i look at his hazel eyes they look so perfect, any girl could fall in love easily just by looking at it.  i smile while looking down at his lips, he licks his lips while looking down on mine.  He leans down to whisper in my ear.   Justin:"You look gorgeous tonight."  i bit my bottom lip while hearing his sexy voice. Nicole:"You think so?" i smile.    Justin:"Yeah babe."  he smirks.  he kissed my cheek while grabbing my hand and leading me to this place called "So Fancy Darling"  never heard of it before it sounds familiar but i never been out much, mom never let me out anyways so that's why i do what i do. i walk in with Justin and see a bunch of people sitting down and a bunch of them where couples, it all seemed like this was a restaurant.  a young lady comes towards us and a friendly smile crosses her face.    Waitress:"Hello welcome to So Fancy Darling Restaurant how can i help you two?"   Justin shot her a smile and clears his voice before talking.  Justin:"Yes i would like spaghetti and meat balls with extra cheese and onion bread, to drink i would like coke and desert would like apple pie cake."    she starts writing down everything Justin has ordered.     Waitress:"Alright and for the lady?"   Justin:"Umm... what will you like to eat babe?" he looks at me.  i took a moment to think. Nicole:"Um... i would like to order.. rice and black beans with chicken please."   she nods her head while writing everything down.   Waitress:"What will you like to drink mam?"   Nicole:"Um.... coke please."    she nods while adding that on the list as well.  Justin wraps his arms around my waist while kissing my neck, i was getting turned on.   Nicole:"Justin.... stop.... don't do this here."  i looked at him.   Justin:"What's wrong with that?"   Nicole:"People are watching."   he chuckles.  Justin:"The people could suck my dick."    Nicole:"Shut up... that's mine only."  Justin:"Haha... yes babe its yours only."   i smile while giving him a peck on the lips, from a distance i could see the lady coming towards us. Waitress:"Right this way please."  Justin grabbed my hand and we both followed the waitress, we sat on a small cute table just right for the both of us.  Justin looked at me with a grin.  Nicole:"Um....what?"   Justin:"Nothing...." he looked so impatient i wonder why, i pulled out my phone and began texting some of my friends.   Justin:"Babe... you don't mind waiting here right?.... I'll be back in just a second." he looked worried, still not knowing why.   Nicole:"Alright babe."  he leans down to give me a quick peck on the lips and leaves.  ~10 mins later~  The waitress came with two plates on one hand and the drinks on the other.  she comes up towards my table and places one plate on front of me and the other plate on Justin's side, she than puts down slowly our drinks and asks.  Waitress:"Anything else i can help you?"  Nicole:"No thank you."  giving her a friendly smile.  i start to eat my food while giving Justin time to come back to where ever he went to.  damn this taste so good i picture myself being in heaven right now.  ~10 mins later~ i was finished with my food and i grabbed my coke and began taking sip by sip waiting impatiently for Justin. After i was done i took a quick look on my phone, oh shit it was 1:00 am what the fuck can Justin be doing?.  The waitress came towards my table.   Waitress:"You're done eating that.?" she asked pointing at my plate.   Nicole:"Yeaah."  Waitress:"What about the young gentleman is he done or is he taking that home with him?"  Nicole"Um... no he actually.... went to the bathroom he's gonna be back soon." i shot her a friendly smile while looking all around the restaurant searching for Justin.  i decided to call him.   Justin:"Hey babe just wait right there I'll be there in just a sec."   Nicole:"Please hurry up your food might get cold." Justin:"No worries I'll be there before it even does... bye."  he hangs up and i just thought is he doing something sweet? or is he gonna give me something? i waited patiently for him to show up anytime.  ~12 mins later~  he comes from behind me and whispers in my ear.  Justin:"I'm back gorgeous sorry to keep you waiting."  i jumped up cause it was not expected he laughs.   Nicole:"That's not funny." i looked at him with a serious face.  Justin:"Maybe it is to me.."  i rolled my eyes on him.  Justin:"I'm just playing around with you babe."  Nicole:"Alright go eat your food it might be too cold by now."  he grabs his fork and starts eating his spaghetti.  it looked yummy but at the same time i didn't felt so good my stomach started hurting like a bitch for a moment, it felt like if someone just kicked me hard on it.  i took deep breaths and Justin was staring at me while eating his food.  Nicole:"ima go to the bathroom be right back."  he nods his head as an okay.      i quickly got up from my seat and headed straight to the bathroom i knocked on the door just to make sure no one was inside, i went in and couldn't seem to stop myself and all of a sudden i started throwing up inside the toilet, i felt so sick my gosh.  after i finished throwing up everything i just ate i quickly washed my mouth but i could still smell the bad smell of my own vomit, i thought for a second.  i walked out of the bathroom and went to the other side of the restaurant where Justin couldn't see me and asked anyone for gum.  this one guy looks at me from head to toe and says.  Guy:"Hey Gorgeous." he smirks.  Nicole:"Um... hi? can you help me please I'll pay you back."   Guy:"Hmmm.... with what.?"  Nicole:"Money of course! don't be so perverted boy!"  he laughs.   Guy:"What is it that you need?"   Nicole:"Well um... i just threw up and i have bad breath and i need a pack of gum do you think you can buy me one?" covering my mouth with one hand Guy:"Well.... unless you pay me with a kiss."  Nicole:"Nooo i cant do that i have a bf."   Guy:"its either that or... sex..."   Nicole:"Ugh you fucking pervert." i pushed him away and bumped into this really hot good looking guy, well not hotter than Justin but still hot.  he turns around to look at me.   Hot Guy:"Excuse you."   Nicole:"Sorry I'm so sorry."                Hot Guy:"No need too its whatever."  i smiled.  Nicole:"Alright...well do you think you can help me." covering my mouth so he won't have to smell my bad breath.  Hot Guy:"On what?"   Nicole:"You might laugh.. but i just threw up and i have bad breath and i need a pack of gum... can you please buy me one?"  Hot Guy:"Sure a pack of gum only cost like a dollar or two so why not?"  Nicole:"OMG thank you so much can i hug you?"  Hot Guy:"Sure but careful don't get your bad smell catch on me." he laughs.  i looked at him serious.   Hot Guy:"Just joking around girl.. don't take things so serious damn!." Nicole:"Ohh... sorry."  Hot Guy:"Alright come with me I'll drive you to my house."   Nicole:"Wait... what?"  Hot Guy:"i will go buy you a new tooth brush and that way you can brush your teeth on my house and when you finish I'll buy you the pack of gum and drop you back here if that sounds okay with you of course."   Nicole:"Um.. yeah sure...but how long does it takes to get to your house?"  Hot Guy:"Just an hour but no worries i came with my motorcycle and i get there in 30 mins or less."  Nicole:"Ohh alright sounds like a great idea... i guess."  he walks towards the back exit while i kept looking at my phone in case Justin texted me. he turns to look at me.  Hot Guy:"You coming?"  i look up at him.   Nicole:"Yeah wait up.." i catch up to him while he was opening the exit door for me.  he closes it behind him and starts his motorcycle on, he glanced over at me.   Hot Guy:"Jump in."   i went around him and sat behind him.   Hot Guy:"if you want you can hold on to me so you won't fall off."  Nicole:"Okay."  i wrapped my arms around his waist, he accelerates the motorcycle leaving a trail of smoke behind us.  i began to look everywhere and i could see the whole city it was all so beautiful i never been through here before, and besides it was the first time Justin takes me out on a place like this, and i feel kinda guilty now leaving with a total stranger for a pack of gum, this is extremely dangerous but i just can't stand my bad breath. i sometimes wonder what's going on with me. like first i sneak out of my house to be with Justin and all of a sudden i say to him I'll be in the bathroom and next thing you know I'm here riding with a total hot guy in a motorcycle which is driving my ass to his house, is he gonna rape me and than kill me? or maybe make me be his? or put me in prostitution so he can earn money from my body? all these stupid questions where filling up my head i snapped out when the guy was talking to me.  Hot Guy:"Hey where here."  i took a look around to see what street i was in, didn't had much confidence on him i didn't know what is he actually up too and why did he brought in his house in the first place.  i got out of the motorcycle and waited for him to turn it off.  he steps out and starts walking straight to a big house that looked so much bigger than Justin's.  i couldn't believe this, once i entered inside there was big stairs and a big living room OMG its incredibly beautiful.   Hot Guy:"Stay here watching TV if you want you can turn it on, I'll be in the next block which there ima go buy you your tooth brush and that way you can brush your teeth here."   Nicole:"Okay and thanks." i smiled.  he walks out the door and closes it behind him, i sit on the couch while looking at my phone, shit i got one message from Justin i bet he's worried.  it said, "Hey babe what's taking so long i already payed the food and I'm outside the bathroom knocking on the door is everything alright? please answer before i knock the door down I'm very worried."  i replied,"Yeah I'm fine babe...just went out for a quick walk i didn't felt good so i needed to get some air hope you understand and don't get mad at me just wait for me inside your car I'll be there in about an hour or two i feel really bad and i need some alone time as well so please don't get me wrong... i love you.."  in less than two seconds i got a reply.   "Oh alright babe I'll wait for you inside my car and please know I'm here for you if you need anything okay, and no way on earth I'll be mad at a cute gorgeous princess like you.. i love you too baby be back whenever you're ready :) "  awww he's so sweet he understands me i thought the whole opposite.  i heard the door open and that's when i locked my phone and looked to see the hot dude standing there with a bag on his hand.   Hot Guy:"Here's your tooth brush lady."   i got up from the sofa and took the tooth brush from his hand.   Nicole:"Thank you... Where's the bathroom?"   Hot Guy:"Straight down this hall to the right."  Nicole:"Alright thanks again."   Hot Guy:"Anytime."  he smile.   that gave me butterflies cause seeing his smile reminded me of Justin's adorable cute smile it just turned me on to see a hot guy actually smiling at me.  i went straight to the bathroom and put tooth paste on my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth.  ~After 20 mins~ i was done brushing my teeth and i dried my mouth up with a towel that was hanged in there which smelled really nice, had this smell of flowers it was charming. i walked out the bathroom and find the hot guy sitting on the couch watching TV.  Nicole:"Hey.."  he tilts his head to look at me.  Hot Guy:"You done?"  i nod my head.   Hot Guy:"Here i bought you the pack of gum you wanted."  he handed it to me.  Nicole:"Oh.. thanks..." i took one piece of gum out and started chewing it.   Nicole:"Do i keep the tooth brush?"   Hot Guy:"Of course."   Nicole:"Alright thanks...um i never got your name?"   Hot Guy:"its Jake."  Nicole:"Oh nice name by the way.... i like it.."  Jake:"Thanks... what's yours?"   Nicole:"No problem... and I'm Nicole."   Jake:"Cute."  Nicole:"Thanks."  Jake:"No worries.... so ready to go back?"   Nicole:"Yeahh.."   he turns off the TV and walks out of the house locking it from outside. he started to walk straight to the motorcycle and i followed, he sat on it while turning it on. making that big loud noise while i sat in back of him wrapping my arms around his waist and feeling every muscle he had on his chest. he accelerates to get faster to the restaurant, i hope Justin don't actually see me cause if he does I'm screwed.  ~30 mins later~  Jake:"Where here."   i stepped out of his motorcycle and i felt him grab my arm, he puts his other hand on my waist and leans close to my face, making me look into his dark black eyes, i can't believe I'm saying this but i felt lost in his eyes for a second.  he licks his lips making me lean forward not knowing what exactly i was doing. he leans in as well and kisses me softly, damn it felt good feeling his warm soft lips on mine but it would never be the same as Justin's.  once he pulled away he had a smile on his face.   Jake:"Um... if you want i can give you my number if anytime you need anything just give me a call."  i couldn't stop smiling like an idiot.   Nicole:"Um... yeaah."  i gave my phone to him and he registered himself on my contacts.  Jake:"Alright I'll be going now.. nice meeting you Nicole... can i have one last kiss before i go? please i just love your lips."   Nicole:"Um...."  he didn't even let me think he leaned in and gave me a long kiss which involved our tongues touching, i felt a few sparks but not like when i kiss Justin when i feel electricity all over my body.  he pulls away winking at me still having a smile on his face.  he than left and i decided it was time to go meet Justin before he would think of even calling the cops or going nuts searching for me.


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