together we are strong

Emily walker was a 19 year old. But when her mom died her dad started to abuse her. What will happen when a stranger saves her. Find out more by reading


5. them

                                                          Emily's pov

I feel strong arms pick me up and carry me to his house. Once we got in he laid me on his bed and took my bag and unpacked it. "you don't have to" I say quietly. "why not". I could see beauty in his eye's. " because I live fiften blocks away and I don't want him to find me or i'll be goner "I could see tears in his eye's. "please stay I will take care of you" I could tell we are going to get along fine." fine i'll stay "I manage to say. "good I know we just met but you seem very cute will you go out with me " I hear him struggle. "yes Louis I will". "come meet the lads". As we walk down the stares we get to know a lot more about each other. A lot more. "hey lads meet my new girlfriend" Louis yelled. "congrats Louis you got a new girl" Niall seemed pretty happy. "you don't love me any more boobear" harry and everyone cracked up. I blush at all the comments." So were are you from " Liam seemed to say quickly. That's when I tolled them everything . they seemed to have shocked faces when i'm done.



hope you like so far. i love comments. I will TRY to update every day.

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