together we are strong

Emily walker was a 19 year old. But when her mom died her dad started to abuse her. What will happen when a stranger saves her. Find out more by reading


4. HIM

                                                             Emily's pov


"EMILY GET YOU BUTT DOWN HERE NOW" my dad yelled at me that made me wake.

What do you want" I yelled. " DONT SAS ME " he yelled and slapped me. I wince in pain. "CLEAN THIS UP NOW" I look at the broken class on the floor. As I clean all the broken glass I mumbled" three in the morning bitch ". "WHAT DID YOU SAY" he screamed. he kicked me. "nothing ". After that he went to bed. I pack my bag with all my stuff and ran until I came to a park close to me. I ran until I felt water hit me. shit. Just thin I fell down. Tail great.



                                                          Louis's pov


"hey lads I'm going to the park" I yelled. "ok ".they screamed. I grabbed a water and left. As I got closer I tripped and spilled my water. I got up and saw a girl with a tail. Mermaid. No I'm losing it. "hey are you ok" she looks at me scared. "Please let me help". "ok"      

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