A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


9. The Turning

~Chapter Nine~

"Come on, Devon." Mcgonagall got Devon off his bed after she had cleared the room of teachers. He groaned and she let him hang onto her as she tried to get him outside. Devon felt nervous as this time he had nothing to stop him from turning, not even Hermione. He hated himself for waking up on a full moon, and he cursed himself silently as he hobbled alongside Professor Mcgongall.
"How long do we have?" Mcgonagall asked, as she took him past Hagrid's hut and to the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"Not long." He detached himself from the Professor. "I can take it alone from here, get as far away as possible and let no one out." He warned. Mcgonagall nodded.

"For goodness sakes, please be careful. The last thing we need is a visit from the minister of magic." He nodded, turned away from Professor Mcgonagall and stood up straight before walking a little too proudly into the Forest. Minerva hurried away, back to the castle. Devon looked back and felt sorry for whoever might hear his screams.
Once he found a clear space, he stripped so that he was just left in his underwear. He closed his eyes and waited.


Hermione didn't know why she went into the Forbidden Forest when she left Hagrid's, probably to prove a point to Ron that she could break some rules. She felt cold and upset so she sat down at the foot of a tree and listened to the night. She closed her eyes and let her hearing take the power of her sight. She listened and listened... A scream. Her eyes opened with a start. She got up and walked towards the source of the scream.
The pain was excruciating. Devon let his screams pierce the beautiful night sky. He doubled over and squeezed his eyes shut, he screamed again. When he opened his eyes again, his fingernails were turning into claws and he was rapidly growing in height. He screamed again but it didn't last long and was soon replaced by the soft grunting of a Werewolf. When he stopped his grunting he looked up at the moon and let out a long howl. He sniffed around and soon picked up a scent, he started to follow it as he'd gotten a little peckish.

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the howl. Her gaze went from around her to the sky, full moon. Her mind was racing, her worrying got the better of her and she forgot the way she came in. A river of tears spilled from her eyes, and she started shivering with fear. A scream slipped from her mouth and she ran in the direction she was facing. She could feel her heartbeat in her throat and her pace was slowing down instead of quickening. She had a sick feeling in her gut, and when she turned around there were two eyes staring back at her. Green eyes, the eyes of Devon Carter. She kept staring back at Devon and the next thing she knew, she was on the floor and edging away from her boyfriend. She kept edging backwards and when her back touched a tree, her life flashed before her eyes. Devon was advancing on her and she couldn't do anything but stare into his eyes - the only thing that hadn't changed. She would've got up and ran but she'd lost all feeling in her legs and she knew that she'd never be able to out-run a Werewolf. She closed her eyes and spoke aloud.
"I'm ready..."
Devon howled again, and snarling at Hermione he drew back his right arm and attacked her. This time Hermione's screams pierced the air. This was it.

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