A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


5. The Lake

~Chapter Five~

He reached for her hand.
"I hope it's not too cold down there. The water can make it freezing sometimes."
She took his hand and held it in hers.
"I'm sure you'll be fine, after all - you are a big boy."
They smiled and Devon swung their hands back and forth.
"Yeah, I might ...but, you, you mightn't be able to if I throw you in."
He winked at her and she gave him an evil glare.
"You wouldn't dare. I'd think that you, of all people, would know how to control your rage."
"Aw, I was just joking. Besides, I'd have to go in after you."
He made a face and she laughed, way more than she should have, out loud as they walked past Professor Snape.
"But, what's this? We don't even have our swimsuits. I guess... We could always go starkers."
He waggled his eyebrows and she pushed him gently.
"You're gross, you know that?"
Snape looked back at them as they walked past, hand in hand.
"Not friends, eh?"
Devon turned towards the voice, having not noticed the Professor before.
Snape smirked having realised he disturbed them.
"Skipping breakfast are we, Mr. Carter?"
"We've already been, Professor." Devon bit his lip.
"And you too, Miss Granger?"
Hermione glanced up at the sound of her name and opened her mouth to speak but Devon was already covering for her.
"She was with me, sir."
He glanced through the open doors to the lake. Why did Professor Snape insist on keeping them engaged in pointless conversation? Snape saw him glancing out at the lake, he let them go.
"Very well then, proceed."
He whipped around and carried on towards the great hall, leaving Devon and Hermione to their own business. Devon rolled his eyes.
"Let's go."
"Sorry about that, it's just last night he said 'tell your friend' and I said that we weren't friends." She huffed. "I feel very different about that now, though."
"Yeah?" He raised an eyebrow. 
They walked for a little while longer but reached the lake before long. Devon plopped himself down on the grass. Hermione smiled and sat next to him. He instinctively put an arm around her. She squirmed a bit but soon settled, cuddling into him.
"This is nice." She made them lie down by leaning against his arm. He put his free arm behind his head.
"It is."
"Will you be turning again tonight?"
"No, luckily for me, a full moon is only one night a month." He closed his eyes.
"Yeah, lucky for you." She snuggled into him as the wind built up and he tightened his grip on her.
"On the other hand, if you hadn't helped me out last night, I wouldn't be here now."
"Don't be silly, of course you'd still be here." She thought for a bit. "It might've taken some time to find you, but you'd still be here."
He looked over at her and grinned, their faces inches apart. She stared back into those bright green eyes, that didn't fit in with his jet-black hair, but none the less - she loved. He bit his lip for a moment, then decisively pulled her lips to his. She was surprised but liked the feeling and closed her eyes to join in. He turned a bit so that he was on top of her, his hands and knees either side of her body. She moved her hands so that they were entwined with his and carried on kissing him back. He pulled at her bottom lip gently. She rolled him over so that she was on top of him, breaking for a breath once. After a few minutes, Hermione rolled off - gasping for air.
"Wow! I've never done that sort of thing before."
He smirked. "Yeah?"
"Yeah. That was amazing!"
"It's just kissing, Hermione." He chuckled.
"Still, I loved that." She looked down at Devon and bit her lip.
"Last one to the lake is a...chocolate frog!" Hermione said as she got up and started to run towards the lake.
"Hey!" He jumped up and sprinted after her. She pulled off her robes so that she was just in her Gryffindor jumper and trousers.
"We going in?"
Devon rolled his eyes and picked her up. "Yep!"
She squeeled. "Put me down!"
"Never!" He ran into the water, still fully clothed; robes and all. When he was waist deep, he let her go. She screamed but quickly covered her mouth and splashed Devon with the freezing water. He floated on his back, smirking and unaffected by the cold. He splashed her back and she ducked from the water and kicked some back in his direction. She was smiling at the fun she was having until she stood still, that's when she started to shiver. Devon looked over when he could no longer hear Hermione's laughter.
"Cold?" His eyebrows rose in concern and he swam over to her.
"A bit, I didn't really think this one through, although I can see that you're fine..."
She waded through the water a little and he took her in his arms. He carried her to the shore.
"Let's go and get some hot chocolate to warm us up."
"Are you sure they'll still be serving breakfast? We've been out here a while." She said, mid-shiver. He shrugged.
"We could always ask the House Elves to fix some up for us."
"Ok, let me get in my robes." She numbly put her arms into her robes and pulled them around her. He took her hand and swung them again, grinning. She smiled back and they slowly made their way back to the castle.

Once inside, Devon politely asked one of the House Elves to fix them both a hot chocolate, as they had been out swimming.
"How much time do we have left, 'Mione?"
She sipped at her hot chocolate, which the House Elves had delivered to them in record time, and thought for a moment. "As long as we like." She pulled out her Time-Turner and grinned. He also grinned.
"Just let me change into something warm and comfy, these robes are kind've wet from the swimming and itchy from where I dumped them on the sand - it's all up the sleeves."
He chuckled. "Alright, I'll meet you outside the dorms."
They walked back to the Gryffindor Common Room, after they had finished their hot chocolate and got a bite to eat, hand in hand and went their separate ways to their dorms. Devon changed into clean and dry clothes and put a hand through his hair, then went and waited at the foot of the stairs to the girls dorm. Hermione brushed out her hair and changed into sand less clothes, put on a hoodie, tied up her trainers and grabbed her wand - just for good measure. He grinned when he saw her emerge from the doorway.
"Better." She nodded and smiled before hugging him.
He smirked. "Where to now?"
She caught a glint in his eyes. "Wherever."

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