A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


3. Snape's Help

~Chapter Three~

She was running up to the castle when she bumped into who, but the very Professor she was hoping to avoid - Professor Mcgonagall.
"Granger? What are you doing out here at this hour? All students must be in bed."
"Well, er, I was uh, looking at the moon when I...swore I wouldn't tell anyone Devon's secret."
She raised an eyebrow. "Devon's secret? If he is doing anything against the rules, it is your duty to tell me, Miss Granger."
"Well, I wouldn't say it's against the rules but I really need to find Professor Snape so he can help sort it out, do you know where I could find him?"
"I believe he is still in the Potions classroom. May I ask, why do you need him?"
"If I tell you, can you please not tell him I told you?" She looked up to Mcgonagall with a hopeful smile. The Professor cracked a smile. "Of course."
She hesitated before letting it all out at an astonishing speed. "And that's why I need Professor Snape to help Devon."
"Ah, go right ahead then." When Hermione was out of earshot, she muttered. "Always knew there was something wrong with that boy."
Hermione kept running and by the time she got to the Potions classroom, Snape wasn't around. She tried to remember where Snape may go after he was finished in the Potions room and decided to look in the Potions Cupboard. As soon as Hermione looked in, Snape whipped around.
"Why, Miss Granger, what a surprise. What brings you here at this late hour, hmm?"
"Erm, Devon. You caught him stealing ingredients, correct?"
"Ah yes. The Carter boy. About a month ago."
"Well, uhh, he kind of needs them now and he may also need you."
She looked at the ground. He raised an eyebrow.
"He's a Werewolf and he tried to make a potion to stop him turning from some things he found in Hagrid's confiscated box along with this thing called Wolfsbane but it only half worked and now he's a dog." She breathed heavily as she hoped he would believe her. Snape chuckled and she looked at him as if she had said something funny.
"Are you aware of the effects of the Wolfsbane Potion, Miss Granger? If you aren't full bodied or make it at the high rise of the moon, it'll turn you into a hound not a wolf."
"Oh right." She blushed at her mistake.
"Miss Granger, tell your friend that I will provide him with the potion he needs to keep him at bay from now on. Find him a safe place to stay for the night."
"He's not my friend, I only know his name and secret, which I must insist you don't tell anyone about since I swore to him that I wouldn't and I've broken that swear three times now. Also, he's at Hagrid's hut, is that safe?"
"I won't tell. That's probably best given the circumstances and the time."
Hermione thanked him and ran back to Hagrid's with the exception of a detour to get her wand. When she came in Devon lifted his head to hear the news.
"Ok well, Professor Mcgonagall and Professor Snape know but said they won't tell anyone. Snape said it would be best for you to stay with Hagrid tonight. He also said he would supply you with the needed potion because its hard to make under pressure." She said as she sat down and curled up on one of the arm chairs. Devon sat at her feet and when she had drifted off, he also curled up and slept for the remainder of the night.

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