A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


12. Meeting Taylor ... Again

~Chapter Twelve~

It was morning and although Devon was being shook, he wasn't waking up. Taylor was trying to wake him so they could go back to the castle in time for breakfast but it wasn't working. Taylor would've shouted his name but she didn't know it, brilliant. She really wanted to know how he'd got here and why he wasn't wearing anything... Was he mentally ill or worse ... Like her? And why did he have blood over his hands? Not her problem - she tried shaking him again. She extended her arm and poked him but instead of waking him up, she just made him wrinkle his nose up. She huffed and sat herself on the ground, opening her bag, amazingly, the boy woke up.
"Ah!" He said, startled.
"Morning." Taylor replied bluntly without looking up from her bag. She held out a pair of neatly folded joggers. "Please," She stated. "Put some clothes on."
"Oh, right. Yeah." He said as he looked down to find himself with nothing on. Taylor looked away and he slipped them on. He sat down again and sighed, Taylor turned back around. She tossed him a halfhearted smile.
"Better?" She asked, her tone a little friendlier.
"Yes, thank you." Devon said as he slunk back in the armchair. "How'd you get here?" He asked her.
"I was here all night," She started slowly, "Doing homework." She quickly finished. He eyed her suspiciously. She sensed him holding his gaze.
"Taylor." She held out her hand. He took it.
"I know," He replied. "Devon." He dropped their handshake and stood up.
"What do you know? How do you know?" Taylor asked suspiciously.
"I know you," He said and Taylor relaxed a little. "...And, I know you're worst fear which, coincidentally, is also your secret." He added. Taylor's eyes widened and she stood up.
"I have no fears!" She announced to the walls of The Shrieking Shack. "And I have no secrets." She said, a little less confidently.
"Don't worry, I won't tell." He said in a small girl's voice. Recognition took over Taylor's mind and she remembered everything...

She was about to become the first werewolf to openly attend Hogwarts and, naturally, this event was surrounded by much controversy. There were widely varied opinions from the students at Hogwarts, mostly curious as to how this would all play out. A boy with jet black hair stuck his head round the door of Taylor's compartment, interrupting her thoughts. Taylor was small but seemingly on guard and her eyes narrowed at the presence of the young boy.
"Are you here for a reason?" Taylor asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Everywhere else is full. Do you mind?" Devon asked, stepping into the compartment.
"Oh, sure." She replied, relaxing. "Come on in, then."
"Thanks." He said as he sat himself opposite Taylor and whipped his black hair from his green eyes. "What's your name?" Devon asked in an attempt to make conversation.
"Taylor. And you?"
"I'm Devon." He said proudly whilst extending his arm, gesturing for a handshake. Taylor cautiously took his hand and shook it quickly. He smiled and looked about the compartment. He spotted and newspaper and pointed at it. "Are you reading that?"
She shook her head. "No." She was fairly certain that she was the top story, actually, but she didn't need to read about herself.
"May I?" Devon asked politely.
"Sure, go ahead."
Devon almost immediately spotted Taylor on the front cover but ignored it and started to flick through. After a few minutes of article reading, Devon put it down. He smiled. "Thanks, but there were no crosswords."
"Pity." She smiled, though not sure whether he hadn't noticed her story or had ignored it. Either way he wasn't freaking out about the werewolf thing which was more than she'd expected.
"Sooo... Nervous?"
She nodded with a small laugh. Don't be, one of the older boys I know said that it's like one big if slightly disorientated family." He smiled.
"Yeah, 'mum' said that, too." She shrugged. "I'm hoping it works out like that."
"It should. I mean, why wouldn't it?" Devon questioned.
Yep, he definitely hadn't noticed the article... Taylor thought.
As they drew closer, the full moon shone through the window and onto the floor of the train compartment. Devon flinched and quickly shut the plaid curtains, he headed to the door and shut it. Taylor watched him do these things without comment.
Maybe he had read the article, after all... Taylor thought.
Devon lowered his voice to a whisper. "I know what you are." Taylor didn't like the tone of his voice but she let him continue. "But I don't mind. Sharing this compartment with you makes me feel like I can trust you. Do you have any Wolfsbane? The moon is driving me insane, see - I'm like you."
He hadn't read the article, he hadnt had the need to. He was like me, I wasn't the only one... Taylor thought but couldn't get any words out so she just nodded and pulled out a small vial. Handing it to him she managed to regain her voice. "You weren't in the colony." She observed.
"I know." He gratefully took the vial and drank it at a steady pace. "My mother didn't want to publicise. Please don't tell anyone." He finished the potion and handed back the empty vial. "Thanks."
"Don't worry, I won't tell." She said, a little envious of his chance for secrecy. She dismissed the thought as soon as she'd thought, there had to be a logical reason but she didn't want to pester him before he turned into a big black dog. He relaxed back in his chair, he knew he didn't have long before he transformed. He sighed.
"Thanks for helping me, I don't really feel like ripping you to shreds. Especially tonight when I was stupid enough to forget to take a potion." He cursed himself. "And now I'm going to turn into a bloody dog."
Taylor, taken aback by his mini breakdown, made an attempt to calm him. "Don't worry, we all forget. It's just the moon talking."
"Uh-hu." He looked down at his hands, which were now bubbling and before he could say any word of help, he was standing on four feet. Damn. He looked at her with his bright green eyes, jumped up on the seat and curled up. Taylor watched without a trace of worry, Wolfsbane made him harmless - she knew.
"How am I going to get out of this one?" He howled to her and closed his eyes knowing she would understand.
"Don't worry! Everything's perfectly safe. You should've seen it when... Oh." She frowned. "That's right, you're trying to keep it a secret. Does anyone else know?"
He twitched his eyebrows before opening his eyes again. "No, you're the only one." He nosed her knee, feeling sorry for himself and the trouble he might get Taylor in.
"None of the teachers? Nothing?" He shook his head. "Maybe we could get you out of the window when the train stops." Devon looked at the window, a small slit at the top - barely enough for an owl to fit through let alone a dog. His head slunk between his paws. She pulled out her wand and frowned. "Maybe there's a spell to make the window bigger? I didn't really know many spells, though..."
He shook his head. "We'll just have to wait until we get there. You can tell a teacher and I'll just stand by, they won't understand me."
"Yeah, okay."
"How much longer?"
"Don't know, I've never been before."
"It shouldn't be much longer, though." She mused. "I wish I could hide myself somehow so that if someone came in, they'd think it was me."
"Don't bother, my secret'll spread soon enough." He sighed.
"You know, Devon. You're secret doesn't have to spread. Someone went to Hogwarts and his secret stayed within his friends. But it'll be alright, if it does get out."
"Thanks or the reassurance. I've always heard that werewolves are like family but only now do I believe it." He made to smile but it felt strange so he stopped.
Taylor nodded with a smile. "I've heard that, too. It's what they say in the colony, don't particularly want to claim all of them but some..."
Devon chuckled but it came out as a snarl and he heard shuffling next door. "Great, now I've done it."
"Don't worry, they know I'm in here - I think. They'll assume it's me, right?"
"Not if they come out of their compartments." He said as the sound of a door opening, near by. Taylor ducked down, hoping not to be recognised so that people could still draw the hoped-for conclusion. Devon turned away from the door so that if they did come in, they wouldn't know it wasn't Taylor from the eyes.
They waited...
And waited...
They looked up and Taylor gave Devon an encouraging smile. They looked at each other for a second but the silence was soon destroyed.
"Oi, Wolfgirl. We're here." A boy was tapping on the door to their compartment, luckily, he didn't see Devon.

"Hello? Wolfgirl?" Devon teased. "You in there?" He waved his hand in front of Taylor's unblinking eyes, only then did he realise that his hands were covered in blood.

His blood? No. No cuts on his body to prove it. Taylor's blood? No. He had only just come across her. The colour drained from his face and initial worry took him over, he'd hurt someone. Someone he cared about. Hermione.

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