A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


1. Him?

~Chapter One~

Devon Carter was tall, clever, kind and a ladies man. He had short black hair, bright green eyes, he was a Pureblood and in his 6th year in Gryffindor. He stood outside, leaning against the wall. The full moon rose that night, he was feeling jittery and anxious. He had tried to put some distance between himself and the other students because a simple thing could send him into a rage at this time of the lunar calendar. So, naturally, he jumped at the sound of footsteps behind him.
"What are you doing out here at this time?" Hermione asked.
He glanced up at her. "Nothing." He mumbled.
"Well ok, but if I may - I'd say you were looking to distance yourself from others." She glanced at the bright moon.
He chuckled softly. "Sometimes I wonder how you never made it into Ravenclaw."
"Guess the Sorting Hat knew what kind of things I'd be tangled up in." her eyes stayed focused on the moon.
"Hmmm," he mumbled in agreement. "Yeah, I didn't want to say anything I'd regret as soon as the moon goes down."
Her eyes drifted away from the moon and centred on Devon. "What's up? Why don't you like the moon? Are you like Professor Lupin?" She asked as she edged away from him slightly, not knowing what to expect.
"Um..." He winced. "Yeah."
Hermione decided to sit by his side. "Don't worry, I won't tell." 
She smiled in his direction and he smiled back before sighing in relief. "Thanks."
"No problem, just, uh, how do you fight it?" She asked, interested.
"Well," he glanced up at the moon, inches from being it's full height. "I take a potion, usually."
She registered what he had said. "What do you mean 'usually'?"
"Um, I sort of got caught by Snape, and uh..."
"No, you mean?" She gulped and stood up, ready to flee.
He winced again. "Don't go," he pleaded. "Chain me up or something, but don't go."
"How can I chain you up without chains or my wand?!" She asked, searching her body for a wand.
His eyes flickered from her to the moon then back. "I don't know, but you better hurry."

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