A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


2. Hermione's Great Idea

~Chapter Two~

She racked her mind for something, anything then it dawned on her. "We need to get you to Hagrid's hut, he has a box of rare potion ingredients, maybe there's something that can help you in there." She reached out and grabbed his arm, barely waiting for him to get up before, practically dragging him to Hagrid's. He ran after her, a sick feeling in his gut as the moon rose higher. Hermione's fist, if she had pounded the door any harder, would've gone straight through the wood. There was no answer - no noise, Devon flicked his eyes away, getting really nervous now.
"Who is it?" Hagrid's voice called out from behind the door, he opened it slowly and lowered the crossbow he was holding.
"Oh, hello Hermione, I was expecting someone else...who is that you've got with you?" He looked straight at Devon.
"Um, I'm Devon," he mumbled, "and I'm, um, about to turn into a wolf." He admitted quite sheepishly. Hagrid's eyes widened in shock. 
"Come on in, I've got just the thing." He ushered them inside and rummaged around for something or another. Devon glanced around him, having never been inside the hut before.
"I usually take a potion, but Snape caught me stealing ingredients."
"That's a bad habit; stealing," he looked around a little more before coming across a little box marked as 'confiscated'. 
"Here it is, Snape gives me the rarer of the confiscated ingredients because no one checks round here...I shouldn't of said that!"
Hermione had occupied herself by sitting by Fang, Devon glanced over at her and smirked at Hagrid's mistake. He looked back at Hagrid who passed him the box. 
"I wouldn't know what it was you were looking for, I'll make some tea."
"How is that you became a Werewolf?" Hermione blurted out unexpectedly.
Devon was digging through the box, looking for the key ingredient; Wolfsbane and it took another call of the question for him to notice. He pulled the Wolfsbane out and added it to a cauldron full of other ingredients.
"Family trait." He muttered.
"Oh." She said, as if she was expecting more of a thorough explanation.
He started stirring everything in the cauldron. 
"Yeah, my Father was one. He attacked my Mother and she had to kill him in an act of self defence." Hermione whipped her head to look outside the window to not show her shock.
"Uh, nearly done?" She managed to spit that out without making it to obvious she was still shocked from his story. He nodded, taking a ladle and sipping it, managing not to gag to keep up appearances.
"But it's not like I don't understand."
"Understand what?"
She looked at him but his appearance was altering.
"I understand that she had to kill him; if she didn't kill him, he would've killed Mother and I."
He took another sip, for good measure. His skin was bubbling like hers had, when she had taken the Pollyjuice Potion, it settled almost as quickly as it had started.
"I know that but you came out with it so suddenly that it shocked me."
He turned to answer her, but suddenly he was on four legs instead of two. He ran two simple words through his head over and over: Keep calm. Hagrid turned around with the tea but dropped it when he was greeted by a wolf. Hermione's head turned straight to Hagrid when she heard the tea drop, she gasped when she saw Devon in wolf form. Devon grinned, quite literally, wolfishly and started to lick up the spilled liquid.
"Hermione, be quiet and go get Snape, I'll stay here with Devon."
Devon looked up to Hermione in sympathy, then curled up on the floor. Hermione turned and attempted to sneak out but she stepped on a squeaky floorboard and instantly stopped in her own path. He snorted and nosed her out gently.

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