A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


7. Harry's Fit

~Chapter Seven~ 

"And how do you suppose we do it?" Ron whispered, harshly. Harry thought for a minute but couldn't reply because they heard the faint footsteps of Hermione. Harry and Ron let their eyes drop to the ground but they a looked a little too guilty and Hermione questioned them.
"What were you talking about?" She said confidently. "I heard whispers."
Ron was thinking to himself of what to say, but once again Harry was faster.
"Devon," he turned to face him. "This 'army' that we're forming isn't to overthrow the ministry. Okay?"
"Okay." Devon shrugged.
"Are you familiar with The Order?" Harry asked in a hushed voice.
"Briefly, why?" Devon didn't talk much as he didn't like Harry and he thought that Harry didn't like him.
"Well, this is an army to get the original Order back together." He pulled the picture Sirius had given him out of his pocket and handed it to Devon. "Careful." Devon took the picture, gratefully and began to scan the picture looking for familiar faces. Devon went pale.
"Uhh, Harry?" He said, he voice shaky.
"You do realise most of these people are dead, right?" He handed the picture back. "I only know Professor Lupin and my Step-Father." Devon said.

"Which one's your Step-Father?" Harry asked as he put the picture into his pocket.

"Sirius Black" Devon said, reluctantly. He didn't like to talk about him as he didn't actually know if he was still alive. Harry's face showed everything he was feeling.

"How come I've never heard of you being my God-Father's Step-Son, then?" Harry asked, clenching his fists. Hermione saw his fists turn into miniature balls, she nodded at Ron who grabbed Harry's arms just as he was about to lash out. Devon jumped back.

"Thanks for that, Ron." He was just about to apologise to Harry for misunderstanding the situation, when Harry fell to the ground and started having a fit of sorts. Devon looked shocked and went to grab Hermione's hand and run out of there when she knelt down beside Harry and used her calming voice to try and help him out of the trance. A tear shed from Hermione's eye as she thought this was it for Harry. All it took was a slight glance at that tear for Devon to turn and flee.


Hermione was numb, she had heard Devon's heavy-footed run leave the room and she had thought he might've gone to get Madam Pomfrey but he would've been back by now if that were true... She let her weight drag her into a sitting position beside Harry, still in his fit, she would've tried helping a little more but she was oblivious to her surroundings, everything was a blur. She was distraught, she'd lost two people she cared about today and she didn't even know why Devon had ran off. It couldn't of been because he was scared, could it?


Devon sat alone in the Gryffindor common room, on the very sofa Hermione and him had been an hour before, laughing, kissing, hugging. And now? He had lost everything, Harry and Ron hated him and Hermione loved them more than she loved him. Surely, that was what the tear was all about. So many questions were running through Devon's mind, he wasn't aware that he had stood up and started to make his way out of the common room. Devon was back outside the girls bathrooms when he realised he had left the common room. He wasn't ready to face Hermione again, not yet. He heard crying from inside and a heavy voice that kept repeating the same thing: "Harry Potter... Come to die..." Devon knew that this was none of his business anymore so shrugged it off. He stuck his head round the corner and saw Hermione with her head in her hands and Ron fussing over Harry and trying to make him come around. His head went from Ron to Harry before centring on Hermione, he gazed at her so much that he nearly jumped out of his skin when Professor Snape yelled his name from halfway down the hall. He looked at Snape, then back into the girls bathrooms but saw that Hermione had looked up when she heard Devon's name. Her face was tear-stained and her eyes were red from endless crying, Devon looked at her for a few seconds before turning and running to the common room where Professor Snape couldn't get him, he didn't want to leave Hermione but he had to. For Harry's sake.

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