A Werewolf at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger was just starting to fancy Ron Weasley but will that all change when she pops outside to take a glance at the moon?


8. Broken Friendship

~Chapter Eight~

When Devon woke up again, he was in the hospital wing. He felt dizzy but none the less got up a little and leaned back on his arm before looking around. The curtains around his bed were drawn and he couldn't hear any voices. He looked to his bedside to find a vase of fresh flowers with a note attached, it read:
Devon, thanks for everything,

Devon sat up straight and thought about the note. H? H for Hermione or H for Harry? Thinking of which, what happened to Harry? Had they got caught? Was he dead? Hermione, what had happened to her? So many questions were running through his mind that it caused him to pass out.


Her face was tear-stained and her eyes were red from endless crying, Devon looked at her for a few seconds before turning and running to the common room where Professor Snape couldn't get him, he didn't want to leave Hermione but he had to. For Harry's sake. He turned on his heal and fled from outside the girls bathrooms. As he ran, he could feel his whole body trembling. He didn't run for long before turning around to see he had left the girls bathrooms far behind and the hurrying Professor wasn't too close behind. He turned back around just in time because he was able to dodge Professor Mcgonagall instead of running straight into her. He apologised  quickly before picking up his pace. He looked around again to see Snape brandishing his wand, he saw his lips move and a flash of light come out of the wand before hitting him. He blacked out.


Devon woke again with a start, gasping for air. His vision was blurred but he could just about make out the figure of a grey-haired man. Dumbledore.
"Are you quite alright, Mr. Carter?" He asked, tilting his head. Devon squeezed his eyes shut and blinked a lot before his vision returned to him. A few concerned teachers stared back at him from behind Professor Dumbledore.
"Uh... Yeah." He lied.
"Devon, is it?"
"Yeah, why are you here?"
"I could ask you the very same question." Dumbledore replied.
"I don't think it's time for questions." Professor Mcgonagall said, tapping Dumbledore on the shoulder.
"Mr. Carter, who were you running from on Friday, four weeks ago?"
"Wait, what? What's the date?"
"The date, Mr. Carter, is the 7th of November." Dumbledore said.
"How long have I been out?" Devon asked sheepishly.
"Since the 8th of October." Mcgonagall interrupted.
"Oh, right." He stretched to see behind the two Professors. He scratched his head.
"Mr. Carter, I need you to tell me everything you can remember about that night." Mcgonagall urged.
"Right. Okay." Devon managed to get out before forgetting the subject completely and centering his mind on the moon's stage. "What's the moon like?" He asked quickly. Dumbledore walked to the window and sighed.
"Full and soon to be at it's heighest." Devon's eyes widened and he whipped the covers to his bed back.
"Somewhere you need to be?" Dumbledore asked before returning to his place next to Mcgonagall. Devon let his bare feet touch the cold ground.
"I need Professor Snape." He said as he tried to get up. He winced as his feet held his body again. Dumbledore ushered him to lie back down.
"Professor Snape isn't at Hogwarts in this particular time." Dumbledore said when Devon refused to lie back down, his eyes widened even more. He looked from face to face before remembering that Hermione said Professor Mcgonagall knew. He turned to face.
"Professor, I need you to get me outside." Her face looked confused so he added, "Before it's too late." She opened her mouth to speak but shut it again, she saw the plead in his eyes.


Hermione and Ron had made their way down to Hagrid's hut, sipping at some tea that had recently been made. There was a silence that engulfed the room.
"So..." Ron began in a desperate attempt to banish the silence.
"So." Hermione copied.
"Do you know when you two'll be seeing Harry again?" Hagrid's voice rang through the air.
"I'd like to of seen him now, but someone isn't too fond of breaking the rules..." Ron said angrily. Hermione glared at him.
"So would I but, unlike some, I have respect for rules that are put in place."
"Maybe if you didn't, Harry would be with us and we'd be able to reform you-know-what!" Ron retaliated. Hermione huffed and crossed her arms. She hated arguing and she was ready to walk out but she didn't, she wanted to hear what else Ron had to say about her.
"You're such a freak, you know that?" He said in a raised voice.
"Why? Because I like books?" She replied angrily.
"No! Because you dump me and Harry for some dude that looks like he was found on the side of the road!"
"Is that all you could think of?" She tried to sound strong but her voice was beaten up and shaky. He didn't have any right to talk about Devon like that. She stared straight at Ron and let a single tear roll down her cheek before standing up and walking out of Hagrid's hut with a mighty slam of the door.
"You should probably go after her." Hagrid said as he topped up his tea.
"I'll finish this first." Ron said as he held up his mug.

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