Over Paris

Over at Paris, a girl named Kelly, she wasn't the type of girl who would be fancy and drink teas. Kelly was a girl who was a tomboy, loves to play games and do sports. Roaming around, noticing a man of her dream. Was this love at first sight? When Kelly was little she didn't believe in love at first sight, but then she noticed that all of this was wrong.


7. Who the hell are you?

Calvin smiled, showing off his braces. "Hey Calvin." said Jessica, waving at him. "Hey! You made it!" Mike walks over to Calvin and did their little handshake. "How can I not? Hello, I'm Calvin." He greets to Chase and smiles. Chase awkwardly smile and said,

"Hey, I'm Chase. It's nice to meet you."

"Well, what are you guys doing?" Calvin comes over to look at the clothes Jessica and Kelly had picked. "Obviously, shopping." Jessica comes over and tries to flirt with Calvin. "Obviously, being tormented by these girls." Chase counters back and had Jessica punch him on the shoulder. "Are you buying that Kelly?" Calvin ask and observe her outfit. "I don't know, should I? It's really cute and all." This sounded odd considering the fact that Kelly is a tomboy, not a girly girl. "Buy it. You look absolutely stunning in that dress. Shows off your perfect figure." Calvin smiles and brush her hair off her shoulder. "Well, you look like a slut. Pick another dress Kelly." Chase threw a random dress at Kelly and made her cuss under her breath. "Ugh, whatever manwhore." "Um, I'll just go in with Kelly with the dresses. Give me that Chase, thank you. You guys can go ahead without us. Just meet us at the food court around 4 ish?" The boys nod and with that, left. 

"OMG KELLY! Calvin was totally flirting with you!!" Jessica shrieks and jump up and down. "Really?" She checks herself out on the mirror to see if it looks too small or too big on her or doesn't look well on her. "YA!! How can you not noticed? Omg!!" Changing the subject, Kelly ask Jessica, "This one maybe? I like it a lot out of all the dresses but I also like that black dress." Teasing Kelly, Jessica smirks "Maybe because Calvin said it looks great on you?" Kelly groans in annoyance, "No it's not. Get over yourself woman. It's your turn to pick out a dress." "Finally." Jessica gives up and went to go find a dress for a party.

Every store they go to, they would magically see the boys laughing and talking but the boys had not seen them yet. The girls are basically done shopping and that it was only 2, they decided to stalk the boys. "Damn dude, this shirt costs $70 bucks. I could probably buy a new skateboard with $70 bucks." Mike mumbles and stare at the price tag. "Yeah, a broken board." Chase retorted and cause an outburst of laughter. "Haha, very funny Chase." The boys continue to look at clothes and still, they had not noticed the girls who were hiding behind the rackets that cause eyes to look at them. "So, you guys like anyone yet?" Mike brought up the subject as he looks at sneakers to buy. "Maybe, maybe not." Calvin smiles from the thought of the girl he was thinking.

"Oh snap! What about you Chase?" Being the party pooper, he says "No one." "Oh, well then. Well who's that girl?" Mike nudge Calvin on the arm making him laugh. "I don't like her but just interested. It's Kelly. She's so pretty and have a great personality." Jessica shrieks quietly but it was pretty loud enough to be heard. The boys quickly turn around to see who was it but they saw no one. "You guys heard that or was it just me? Anyways, ooohh Calvin and Kelly? Get it in!" Mike tease and made Chase to literally die of laughter. "She's great isn't she? What do you guys think?" Calvin smiles and fiddles onto the price tag.

Chase was the first one to quickly answer his question. "First things first is that she has terrible manners, she is so annoying and she has a terrible personality. I don't understand how you're interested in her. Plus, she's not THAT pretty." "Hey dude, that's pretty messed up." Mike's face was stoned and didn't appreciate Chase's answer. "Whatever, I'm just saying the truth." Behind those shoe shelves was a broken hearted girl. Hot tears stream down her cheeks and couldn't help it but to cry. Not because she likes him or anything but because what he said about her killed her feelings. 

"Hey, what took you guys so long?" Calvin ask and noticed Kelly's red eyes. "Omg, are you okay? What happened?" She shook her head back and forth and mumbles, "Nothing." 

Chase's POV:

Kelly stands there with tear stains on her cheek. I wonder what happened? Did someone hurt her or something happened with her family? "Come here." Calvin wraps his arms around her and hum her a tune. She buries in his neck and cries even harder. I don't understand why I feel weird from seeing her in his arms. Why do I feel like I should be him comforting her? 

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