Over Paris

Over at Paris, a girl named Kelly, she wasn't the type of girl who would be fancy and drink teas. Kelly was a girl who was a tomboy, loves to play games and do sports. Roaming around, noticing a man of her dream. Was this love at first sight? When Kelly was little she didn't believe in love at first sight, but then she noticed that all of this was wrong.


5. What just happen.

Kelly grasp onto Chase like a teddy bear as he laid by her side. Chase eyebrows crease into a confusion look and seems like he couldn't let go of her strong hold. He quickly push his body away from her but it seems like he couldn't let go of it. "Crap, you got to be kidding me." Chase whispers under his breath. Kelly loosen up her grasp, having her arm fall down. His face quickly brightens up and finally free from Kelly's grasp. He catches his breath and tumble from a teddy bear that was laying down absentmindedly. He takes a second glance at Kelly with disbelief on how crazy she could be when she goes to sleep. With a swift movement, he left the room.

Chase's POV:

I walk into the hallway and thought how crazy and surprisingly strong she is in her sleep. I hate to admit this but I prefer her awake than her asleep. I walk into the guest bedroom and saw a human being with such a tomato face. My face was entirely red from Kelly's grasps and how horrible it was to be hold onto for that long. I tried washing my face, hoping that it would get rid of the redness but it seems like it did not work. Gently, I pat my face with a towel and quickly got ready for bed. The thought of Kelly's strength still lingers in my mind and what had happened too. As our skin made contact, I felt the warmth transferring from her to me and how silky her skin is. Her chest would rise up steadily and I could hear her heart beat going bump, bump, bump. The ceilings seems to fascinate me and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Eventually my eye got heavier and I soon fall into a deep sleep.

Author's POV:

The sound of birds chirping and the sun blazing through the curtain's woke Kelly up. She roars with a tremendous yawn and lazily try to reach out for her phone but it seems too far away. Her eyes slowly flutters open and saw a scatter of pillows all around the floor. Not only were there pillows but someone's feet. Her head slowly rises up and made eye contact with someone she least expect to see first thing in the morning. "What are you doing.." said Chase, looking down on her. "Trying to get the pillow, duh?" Kelly rolls her eyes and reach out to get the pillow. Before she could get it, Chase grab the pillow and toss it on the bed with annoyance. "Lazy bum." He turns around and left Kelly with a blank expression, "What the hell?"

The aroma of bacon fills the air in the house and had trigger Kelly's brain to go to the kitchen. Like if her prayers had been answered, a plate of sunny sided egg, 3 strips of bacon, and a toast was place right in front of her. She looks up to see a smiling Mike, his eyes twinkles under the sun. "Thanks!" exclaimed Kelly as she grabs onto the fork, and began digging into her meal of the morning. The moment she crush the bacon, its explodes in her mouth with such pure goodness. Crunch, munch was all you could hear from her. She cuts the eggs and the yolk seems to ooze out slowly. The piece of eggs was the airplane that landed on her mouth.

She signals that she was full by rubbing her belly steadily. "Looks like your full." said Jessica, laughing her butt off. "Yes I am." replied Kelly, smiling with her braces showing off. "So annoying." Chase groans as his eyes were still glue to the television. "Your opinion is invalid." replied Kelly. Without any warning, a ringtone seems to burst out of no where. Everything got quiet and things process in their mind if it was their phone or someone else's phone. Mike digs into the pile of kitchen mess and held it up high, "Found it!" yelled Mike. It was Kelly's phone. She rushes over to retrieve the phone to see it was her mom who called her. She answer with such a heavy breathing.

"Hello!" said Kelly.

"Where are you? Were you sleeping over Jessica's?" questioned Kelly's mother.

"No, over Mike's. I'll be home soon. Love you mom." replied Kelly.

"Okay, come home safe. Love you too." said Kelly's mother, ending the call.

She looks up from her phone with a puppy face, her bottoms lips pouting and her eyes widening. "No." was all Mike said. "Why? I just need a ride home." begged Kelly, swaying back and forth like a 2nd grader trying to act cute. "You know, you are a pain in the ass. But you are my best friend so I shall take you home." Mike grabs the key and went to go get the car ready as Kelly stayed behind for a few minutes to say goodbye to all of them except for Chase. He couldn't careless anyways. Sometimes she just wants to stab him in the eye but at the same time, she just wants to get to know him better.

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