Over Paris

Over at Paris, a girl named Kelly, she wasn't the type of girl who would be fancy and drink teas. Kelly was a girl who was a tomboy, loves to play games and do sports. Roaming around, noticing a man of her dream. Was this love at first sight? When Kelly was little she didn't believe in love at first sight, but then she noticed that all of this was wrong.


4. The drunkness

Opening her eyes to see Jessica staring at her with her eyes wide open. Freaking out by her staring, leaning back with a fright. "Why are you staring at me." said Kelly as the pain went through her brain. A laughter came somewhere from the right, seeing the maroon shorts once again. Looking up to see Chase laughing. "What's so funny." questioned Kelly. Chase covered his mouth and put his hands down. "Nothing." replied Chase, laughing under his breath. "But, are you okay? You were drunk..." smiled Jessica, poking at Chase. "He brought you here to this couch, your lucky you werent hitting up by a stranger." said Jessica. Kelly couldn't remember what had happen when she was drunk, but Chase on the other hand knew what exactly happen.

Chase told everything. Every single detail about Kelly being drunk. With a blank expression on her face, she walks away in the corner and sat, thinking about it and letting it sink in. Everybody burst with laughters and continue to laugh for what seems to be forever. "Shut up." Kelly comes back with a serious face on.

Everybody stops but Chase was still laughing. "I promise you, I will slap you with this cake, Chase." Kelly threatens and sat by Jessica who was silently laughing. "Okay okay enough with the laughing. We gotta clean this up before my parents come home tomorrow morning." Mike set out an order and everybody began to start cleaning. 

Collapsing with such great tiredness, one by one they began to fall asleep except for Kelly and Chase. "Soooo... are you planning to get drunk anytime soon?" Chase smirks and plays with the rubric cube on the coffee table. "Ha ha ha. Very funny." Kelly sits across from Chase and play with her phone. "If you are, you should definitely invite me again and this time, I'll be sure to record it and put it up on youtube or instagram or any kind of social network. Kelly grabs the nearest object she could reach and threw it at Chase with such great power. With a swift movement, Chase dodges the throw and stick his tongue out like a little kid. "Ha, miss sucker." 

As Chase walks away, Kelly threw another object hitting him on the back of his head. "Got you." smiling at him. "Nice shot." said Chase as he sat on the couch, turning on the television. The only people in the house was Jessica, Kelly, Chase and Mike. Jessia and Mike were sleeping, but Chase and Kelly weren't.

Kelly walked over to the couch, instead of sitting on the couch, she sat on the floor leaning on the bottom part of the couch. "What are we watching?" asked Kelly. "We're watching a scary movie!" said Chase as he wobble Kelly. "What was that for!" screamed Kelly, punching Chase's leg. "Nothing, also that didn't even hurt." said Chase smirking at Kelly. "Whatever."

Watching the movie, Kelly grabbing the blanket tightly. Whenever there was a scary part, she would close her eyes and scream. "You are such a wimp." said Chase. Putting his arms across the top of the couch, and putting his long legs on the coffee table. Slowly going to a deep sleep, since it was almost 2 am. Leaning on Chase legs, that were on the coffee table. "Hey Kelly, wake up." trying to get her head off of his leg. Putting his feet down, as Kelly's head hit the bottom on the floor. Kelly was fast asleep, you can say she is a deep sleeper.

As Chase look at her fall asleep on the dirty floor, he sigh deeply. Chase got up on his two legs, and pulled Kelly toward the stairs. He knew that he couldn't drag her up the stairs, carrying her in a bridal style. Kelly's arm dangling, her head leaning back. Once he reached on the top of the stairs, walking into the guest room. Once he got into the dark room, he threw her onto the bed and threw the blanket on top of her. Just before he left the room, Kelly grasp his wrist in her sleep and pull him down as she wraps her arm around him. "What the hell? Kelly let me go!" Chase screams but not loud enough to wake her up. He lets out a deep sigh and had his whole body on the bed. Her grasp was too strong that he had no other choice but to sleep like that. 

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