Over Paris

Over at Paris, a girl named Kelly, she wasn't the type of girl who would be fancy and drink teas. Kelly was a girl who was a tomboy, loves to play games and do sports. Roaming around, noticing a man of her dream. Was this love at first sight? When Kelly was little she didn't believe in love at first sight, but then she noticed that all of this was wrong.


2. Crash Landing

From side to side, she see's couples holding hands or acting all cute together. She roll her eyes with disgust. Kelly isnt the type of girl who does what girl normally do. Girls shop for clothes, paint their nails, talk about boys, do their hair, etc. Kelly shops for skateboards, paint the walls, and talk about sports. She leaves Starbucks with her latte in her hands, making her hands burn. Casually, she pulls out her phone to check up on twitter but then she accidentally bumped into a broad, tall figure. Nearly spilling her latte, her eyes are still glued on her phone screen. "I'm so sorry!" She quickly apologizes the tall figure and quickly left without even looking up but she remembered what he had worn; a white Hollister shirt with a maroon color pants and a pair of black vans. Pretty hairy legs too. But very toned and long. 

"Hey guys!" Kelly smiles with glee as she walks over to the group of guys she have seen before. "Hey! Wanna skate with us?" They welcome her with a warming smile but sadly in response, Kelly frowns and had to say no. The boy's reaction wasn't so pleasant as it was an upset face. "Hey, wanna borrow my board? I don't mind, you could give it back to me tomorrow. I'm meeting up with my girlfriend so yeah just meet me here tomorrow." The boy with the beanie and with a gorgeous smile said to Kelly. She excitedly took his skateboard and felt the wind flowing through her hair. Pulling moves, going on half-pipes, and tasting freedom. Skateboarding is where she forgets about everything and enjoys the moment. 

"Hey Kel! Come over here would yah?" One of the boys scream over at her, standing with a group of people and someone she haven't seen before. She skateboards toward them and greeted them with happiness.

"So we're having a party tonight. Want to come?" the boy, Mike, with a hair that is perfectly quiffed up, ask.

"Yeah sure!" She looks at them and laugh gleefully but something caught her eye. A figure so recognizable. "Oh yeah, we like to introduce you to Chase. Chase, Kelly. Kelly, Chase." 

And from that moment, for the very first time, Kelly felt uneased. But something triggers in her mind. From those black vans shoes to those maroon pants, "Hey! Aren't you that person who I bumped into today?" Chase looks strangley at her. Confusion wash over his face, his eyebrows furrowing and seems like if he's trying to remember something. Still thinking until moments later his face brightens, "Yeah! Gotta watch where you be going. That hot latte nearly spilled on my white shirt. A HOLLISTER white shirt." A tint of attitude was in his voice. 

Wow. What an awful way of getting to know each other.

"Excuse me? YOU should have been the one who watch where they were going. Obviously I didn't see and I had my eyes glued to my phone. I don't look up constantly to see where I am going."  Chase rolls his eyes and walks away to the left while Kelly marches away to the right. "Well that was awkward." Mike awkwardly laugh and went off to skateboard. 

The house booms with music and loud screams of people. From one corner to another, theres people making out, getting high off of weed, and drinking. The atmoshpere was sweaty as people were also grinding on each other. Kelly awkwardly pushes her way out of the atmoshpere and out to the backyard where there are most of the people she prefers to hang out with. "Kelly! You made it!" Mike walks over to her and gave her a warming hug.

Following Jessica and Dale. Mike was one of her very bestest friend. They met when they were such tiny kids. They shared a passion for skateboarding and playing games and doing crazy things no kid had ever thought of. She has 3 best friends. Mike, Dale, and Jessica. Dale was her gay best friend. He hadn't told her until 2 years after being best friends. Their frienship had gotten a lot stronger ever since he had confessed. She'd stay by Dale side everytime the people made fun of him and stand up for him.

Now Jessica is her very best friend. They knew each other ever since they were 2; afterall their parents were friends so their friendship grew very quickly. "Those shoes with that shirt? Uh no, go back to Walmart sweetheart." Dale teased Kelly as Mike and Jessica laughs. "Haha very funny Dale. I try my best not to over fashion you. You must be the most well dressed person out of all of us." Kelly comebacks and Dale flips his imaginary hair, "True." Everybody laugh and went their different ways but Jessica and Kelly were together.

"So have your eyes been on someone lately?" Jessica ask deviously. Kelly nearly spits out her drink and not to mention, choke on it too. "Excuse moi?" Jessica repeats the question once more. "NO! How dare you call yourself my best friend! You should know by now that I have no interest in love and that I don't believe in love at first sight or whatever you people call it." Kelly rolls her eyes and continues drinking her coke. "Mhm whatever. I just know that you are going to fall in love with someone one day. I just know it." Jessica smirks and sips on her wine. She and Jessica continues making conversation at her but through people dancing and grinding,  she spots Chase and couldn't help it but to glance at him a few times.

Kelly didn't understand what was going on and she didn't like it at all. It all felt new to her. 

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