Over Paris

Over at Paris, a girl named Kelly, she wasn't the type of girl who would be fancy and drink teas. Kelly was a girl who was a tomboy, loves to play games and do sports. Roaming around, noticing a man of her dream. Was this love at first sight? When Kelly was little she didn't believe in love at first sight, but then she noticed that all of this was wrong.


3. Awkward Greeting

The house was tumbling as the music burst around the house. Seems like everyone is having fun grinding on each other, and getting each other drunk. To Kelly, this seems to be stupid. Why in the world would people get drunk and party their butts out, but since it's summer, nothing is going to stop them from partying. Strolling down with Jessica, heading toward Chase. Trying to act like she wasn't staring at him for more than 10 minutes, she didn't want to be a stalker.

"Hey Chase, have you met my friend Kelly yet?" waving her hand toward Kelly. "Yea, she almost dropped coffee on me." staring at Kelly with a death glare. Chase took a gulp of coke, and tossed it to the side with the other empty cans. It was such an awkward greeting that made Kelly uncomfortable. Kelly on the other hand didn't like the way Chase was acting. "Hey, let's not make this awkward." as Jessica pat Chase on the back, with a big smile. "I'm not trying to make it awkward." said Chase as he put his hands in his pockets. Kelly looked down to see his shoes, worned out vans that seems to be old. 

From a distance, hearing the voice of Mike calling out Jessica for some help. "I'm going to be back, introduce yourself again to each other. Have some fun." said Jessica running off to the voice of Mike.

Standing there awkwardly, staring somewhere else than at each other. "So, how to do you know Jessica and Mike?" said Kelly, trying to get to know each other. Chase looked at Kelly. "How do you know them?" replied Chase, repeating what Kelly had just said. "Well I asked you first." Kelly darts out a perfect comeback.

Chase didn't seem to have a comeback for that one so giving up he replies, "They live around my neighborhood. They showed me around the area so I could get used to it." This catch Kelly by surprised, so this means... he lives a few houses away from her... and that he's new to this town. "Now its your turn, how do you know them?" Chase snaps and stood there, waiting for a reply. "I met them when we were all little." Was all Kelly said. "Wait, what high school are you enroll to?" Kelly asks but before Chase could reply, his phone went off. "Uh I'll be right back." He was lost in the crowd and left Kelly standing all alone.

"KELLY!! Try some of this vodka! It's sooo good!!" Dale comes across from the bar and hold out a bottle of vodka. His breath smells like it and him, himself smells like cigars. "No thanks. Not planning to get hungover tonight." Kelly lets out a laugh. "You should really stop drinking Dale. This is bad for you and your health." said Kelly, grabbing the vodka. Dale 'accidently' put the bottle of vodka into Kelly's mouth. Trying to get the bottle of vodka out of her mouth, tasting the terrible taste of sour and sweet. Taking a big giant gulp, and drinking half way of the whole bottle.

Dale took the bottle away from Kelly and walked away in a zig zag way. Leaving Kelly drunk, walking just like the way Dale is, zig zag her way out to find someone. Crashing into Chase as she fell in his arms. "Kelly, are you okay?" trying to wake her up by shaking her. "No, I wanna be a unicorn." flapping her arms around like a retard. Dragging her to the long orange couch, where no one was on the couch. As Chase tried to put Kelly on the couch, Kelly falled onto the ground. Letting Chase sit on the couch watching Kelly lay on the ground. Chase bursting out of laughters, watching Kelly act like a fool. 

Chase pulled her up onto the the couch, letting her lay completely pn her back. "Seems someone is a little drunk." said Chase, smiling widely. "I am not drunk, I am a little dizzy." nodding her head around like a bobble head. Chase standing up from the couch, watching Kelly. "You are a mess." shaking his head of disappointment.

Pulling out his phone and putting in Jessica's number. Instead, Kelly stopped him from calling by tugging on his maroon shorts. "Stop, no." continue tugging on his shorts. "Stop what? Get off of my shorts!" pulling away from Kelly. "Stop.." whispering, and slowly loosing the tugging until her hands fall to the ground.

Chase was a bit confused on what just happen, but seems that Kelly was alright and not injured. Once Kelly went off to a deep sleep, Chase stood their staring at Kelly with an unusal look.

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