Skaters Gonna Skate Haters Gonna Hate

Hi! Im Tony Hawks Younger Sister! I Love Skate Boarding And Haters!! Im A Tom-Boy With Blonde-Brown Hair, I Know What You're Thinking, "She Doesnt Look Like Tony" BUt Im Adopted! I DONT Want To Fall In Love- Last Year I Did And Lets Just Say It Wasnt Pretty.. Oh, 1 More Thing.... MY NAME!! My Name Is Carter Rae Wilson/Hawk. (Girl Name Too!) Doesnt Sound Good Tho. I Have Won 50+ Trophies AND Medals!! Im A Dare-Devil & 18 ;) *Hope You Like My Story WHen It Comes Out*


4. Time To Meet One Direction.. Oh God.

Time To Meet One Direction.. Ohh God!

Carter's POV

Tony Came Into The Room Saying That We Were Meeting One Direction, AND We're Releasing THAT IM HIS ADOPTED SIS! Thank God I Don't Have To Act As His "Cousin" ANymore!!

He ALSO Said I Needed To Dress Nice, since Paps Are Gonna Be There, And I Need To "Impress" One Direction.. If They Dont Like Me At My Tomboy Self, Then They Dont Deserve Me In A Dress. What The Heck Did I Just Say? They're Music Is Ok... But Not My Type.

So I Decided To Just Wear Ripped Black Skinny Jeans With My Pierce The Veil Shirt, And A Hoodie Over It, That Said "Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes!!". To Add A Special Touch, I Curled My Straight Long Blonde Hair Into Loose Curls (Im NOT A Girly Girl, I Just Thought It Would Look Cute, I Guess) And Put A Black Beanie With Jewels Braided On It, On. I Looked At My Outfit In The Mirror With Approval.

  A/N This Chap Will Still Continue Guys!!! Love/Fan/Share/Fave My Stories Pwweaseee!!

Kay Well Bye My Marshmellow Waffles!!



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