Skaters Gonna Skate Haters Gonna Hate

Hi! Im Tony Hawks Younger Sister! I Love Skate Boarding And Haters!! Im A Tom-Boy With Blonde-Brown Hair, I Know What You're Thinking, "She Doesnt Look Like Tony" BUt Im Adopted! I DONT Want To Fall In Love- Last Year I Did And Lets Just Say It Wasnt Pretty.. Oh, 1 More Thing.... MY NAME!! My Name Is Carter Rae Wilson/Hawk. (Girl Name Too!) Doesnt Sound Good Tho. I Have Won 50+ Trophies AND Medals!! Im A Dare-Devil & 18 ;) *Hope You Like My Story WHen It Comes Out*


6. Names Carter!

Names Carter!

Tony's POV

It Took Me About 10 Min To Get To The Skate Park. I Arrived Just About 3 Min Before The Guys.

It Took Carter A Total Of 16.07 Min, The Guys And I Timed Her.

" Sorry Guys, She Doesnt Really Like Cars, I Guess She Just Likes Skate Boarding More!" I Said Chuckling At The Last Part.

Carter's POV

"Hey Sorry Guys, Traffic Jam!"

"Weren't You Riding A SkateBoard?" Curly Asked.

"You Have Your Ways Curly, I Have Mine" Replied To His Reply (<< xD See What I Did There? Honestly THat Made No Sense To Me WHatSoEver...)

"Feisty One" The One With Suspenders Said.

"YupperDoodles!" They All Just Looked At Me Weirdly..

"Anyways, Names Liam, Blondie Is Niall, Curly Is Harry, One With Suspenders Is Louis, Lou Or Loui,"Then The Louis One Added On, "DONT FORGET ABOUT CARROT KING!!" "Continuing On, And One With The Blonde Streak In His Hair Is Zayn." (JUST GO WITH IT) Liam Said.

"Carter" "Nice To Meet Ya!' Lo- Or Should I Say "Carrot King" Shouted. "THAT WAS MY EAR YOU BUTTY MCBUTT FACE!"

''Oh God, Its Like A Girl Version Of Lou!" THe NIall One Said, He Was Actually Cute Look- WHAT ARE U SAYING WOMAN!?! You Pleadged That you Would Never Fall In Love Again! "Well Lets Let Some Paps In.." Tony Said Slighty Unsure. I Hate Big Crowds, Be Prepared Carter, Stay Calm. "Okay...I Hate Crowds" I Said Shaking, Mumbling THat Last Part, I Cant Show Fear, Its Weak. I Could See Niall Shaking. "Youre Not THe Only One" Someone Whispered, I Looked Around.. IT WAS NIALL, THE CU- God Stop It Woman!

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