Skaters Gonna Skate Haters Gonna Hate

Hi! Im Tony Hawks Younger Sister! I Love Skate Boarding And Haters!! Im A Tom-Boy With Blonde-Brown Hair, I Know What You're Thinking, "She Doesnt Look Like Tony" BUt Im Adopted! I DONT Want To Fall In Love- Last Year I Did And Lets Just Say It Wasnt Pretty.. Oh, 1 More Thing.... MY NAME!! My Name Is Carter Rae Wilson/Hawk. (Girl Name Too!) Doesnt Sound Good Tho. I Have Won 50+ Trophies AND Medals!! Im A Dare-Devil & 18 ;) *Hope You Like My Story WHen It Comes Out*


3. Meeting You, Princess

Tony's POV

Tonight Im Meeting One Direction With My Sister. The World Doesnt Know Shes My Sister Yet! We've Kept This A Secret For 15 Yrs!! She Said She'll Never Fall In Love Again. Maybe She Is Wrong For Once! She Was ALWAYS The Right One. She's Lucky, She'd Win All Of Our Little Arguments, Deals, Etc. ! She's A Tomboy At That! She's Almost Better At Skating Than Me! Ive Helped Her Out THo. First TIme She Tried Was When She Just Got Adopted. I Was 15 (I Dont Really Know, MmKay!?! Just Pretend, Cuz I Dont Know How Old He Is!!) And She Was 4. Aha Those Memories.


HIIII!! My Names Carter! Whats Yours!?!" She Was Really Good At Talking For A Four Year Old. I'll Tell You That! ''My Names Tony.'' ''Whats That Board Thingy In Your Hand?" She Asked Curiously.

''A Skateboard. Wanna Take A Try At It?" I Asked Her, Instantly Her Face Lit Up. YESS! She Yelled Right In My face. I Put my Old Helmet, Shin Guard Things, Etc. On Her. I Put Her On The Board. Then Walked Down The Little Hill With Her Hands In Mine, Still On The SkateBoard. She Didnt Notice I Took My Hands Away. She Was Doing It ALL BY HERSELF THE FIRST TIME! Right Then, I Knew She Was A Skater.

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