Skaters Gonna Skate Haters Gonna Hate

Hi! Im Tony Hawks Younger Sister! I Love Skate Boarding And Haters!! Im A Tom-Boy With Blonde-Brown Hair, I Know What You're Thinking, "She Doesnt Look Like Tony" BUt Im Adopted! I DONT Want To Fall In Love- Last Year I Did And Lets Just Say It Wasnt Pretty.. Oh, 1 More Thing.... MY NAME!! My Name Is Carter Rae Wilson/Hawk. (Girl Name Too!) Doesnt Sound Good Tho. I Have Won 50+ Trophies AND Medals!! Im A Dare-Devil & 18 ;) *Hope You Like My Story WHen It Comes Out*


5. Lil Info About Her

Lil Info About Her

Liam's POV

Both Niall And Harry Came Out Looking Sharp, Probally Wanting To Impress Her. Management just Texted Saying That Tony Said That She's A Tomboy So Just Act Like She's Another Bro Or Something, Just Not A Girl. Management Also Added There Own Words (No Suprise There!) No Flirting With Her Because There Suppose To Be Known As The SIngle Ones, Ahem Single Boys.. (First Four Words On The First Sentence!) "Niall, Harry... Tony Told Management To Tell Us That She is A Tomboy So Just To Act Like She's A Bro Or Guy I Guess... They Also Added There Own Words Saying Not To Flirt Because You Guys Are Suppose To Be Known As The "Single" Ones..." I Informed Them. "So You Probally Want To Just Dress In SHorts OR Something Cause' We're Meeting THem At A Skate Park, With Paps... Course They'll Be There, So Just Dress Nice But Not Formal Like.." I Added. That Earned A Groan From Them. 'Are You Kidding Me? Always Have To Be Single Because Were "Known" For THat!!" Niall Exclaimed "I Know!" Harry Said Agreeing With Niall. Boys And There Drama! Well Not Really But You Know What I Mean!


Next Chap They Will Hopefully Meet Her Or Should I Say, Carter!!

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