Skaters Gonna Skate Haters Gonna Hate

Hi! Im Tony Hawks Younger Sister! I Love Skate Boarding And Haters!! Im A Tom-Boy With Blonde-Brown Hair, I Know What You're Thinking, "She Doesnt Look Like Tony" BUt Im Adopted! I DONT Want To Fall In Love- Last Year I Did And Lets Just Say It Wasnt Pretty.. Oh, 1 More Thing.... MY NAME!! My Name Is Carter Rae Wilson/Hawk. (Girl Name Too!) Doesnt Sound Good Tho. I Have Won 50+ Trophies AND Medals!! Im A Dare-Devil & 18 ;) *Hope You Like My Story WHen It Comes Out*


7. Interviews... Oh Goodness!

Interviews... Oh Goodness!


Carter's POV

"Let Aleast One Or Two At A Time Please!" Tony Told The Security Guard. " Gotcha Boss." He Replied.   One, Two, And Three, Paps, Came In.  " I'll Start With The Second Pap First." I Told Tony. " You Sure Sis?" "Yeah, Yeah, Im Tough'' I Puffed Out My Chest And Made Little bumps With My Hands On My Upper Arm. "Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night" He Told Me, Flashing His Signature Smile. Okay, Okay, He May Not  Have One, But Too ME, Notice How I Said ME Not YOU, Has One.  "You, Can Go Interview Her First." A Guard Told the 2nd One.




"You Have 5 Minutes To Interview Her," The Guard Told The 2nd Pap. "Yes Sir"

" So, Are You Really Tony Hawks Younger Adopted Sister?" "Yes" "Whats Your Full Name?" "Carter Rae Hawk, Used To Be Wilson But, Yeah." " What Month, Year, And Day, Were You Born?" "November 15th, 1994." "If You Could Date Anyone Out Of One Direction, Who Would It Be, And Why?" "Ummmmmmmm....... Niall? I Just Love His Smile, And His Eyes. Although I Don't Know Him, I Just Absoulutely Love His Eyes. They're Almost Like Mine!" "How Old Are You?" "19" "How Long Have You Been Skating Like Tony?" "Ummmm.... Ever Since I Was Adopted." "When Were You Ado-" He Started To Ask But Got Cut Off By The Guard. "5 Minutes Are Up. Get Out." "Wait! I Wanted To Ask Him Some Questions Since He Was Very Nice For Your Information!" I Yelled At The Guard. "Sorry Ma'am" "Its Fine." I Replied.  "Now For Your Interview!" I Told The Pap.


"So... Whats Your Name?" "John Feldman" "Have A Wife Or Kids Or Both? What's They're Names If So?" "Both. My Wife's Name Is Felicia. I Have 1 Baby Girl, Jenna Grace." "AWW! How Cute!" "Why Thank You!" "So... Why Are So Nice? Aren't Paps Usually So Rude And Pushy And Obnoxious?" I Asked. "Well, I Have Know Idea. I Dont Wanna Seem Rude Or  Pushy, Paps Are Usually Nice. And Only Some, If They Want To Make Rumours Or They Just Want A Story." "Oh, Okay. Well, We Are Done Here So, Have A Nice Day!" I Told Him,"You Too Mam" He Replied. I Just Smiled. Now, Time To Get Interviewed By One Direction. Yippee! Can You Notice The Sarcasm In My Voice?

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