Letters To You *A Niall Horan Love Story*

When management makes Niall break up with his girlfriend he decides to write letters and notes to her everyday in a journal until they are reunited. Will he ever see her again or is it all over for them? Read to find out.


2. Letter Two





Dear princess,   Today we had a signing. I didn't even wanna go. The lads made me. I just want you back.    Some girl told me I wasn't worthy to be in the band and wouldn't let me sign her album. Are these things true? Am I not worthy enough?! what is that they don't like? The way I look? Act? Think? I just don't know anymore.    The boys try and be supportive but they just don't get it. anyways how are? are you holding up better than I am? I hope you are. I don't want you going through the pain I am. I must go now. we have a concert tonight. just know that when I am singing I will be thinking of you.   All my love and more,   Niall James Horan  xoxo


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