Letters To You *A Niall Horan Love Story*

When management makes Niall break up with his girlfriend he decides to write letters and notes to her everyday in a journal until they are reunited. Will he ever see her again or is it all over for them? Read to find out.


3. Letter Three


Dear Lia,   Do you remember the first time we met? I remember the boys making me go get coffee for us. I was so mad. All I wanted to do was eat. Haha because that's what I do best. You used to tease me that once my metabolism slowed down I would be fat.    Anyways when I walked into Starbucks I was mumbling to myself and that's when I saw you. Sitting by yourself studying. I never did figure out what for. I was to enthralled by you. By your presence. I forgot what I was doing even.    I tried to play to play it cool. I went over to talk to you and me being me tripped and a coffee landed in your lap spilling all over.   Instead of being mad like most girls you just simply smiled and said "you could have just said hello."    I replay that memory along with many others inside my head. I miss you more than you can ever know. Do you miss me just as much?    I don't think I ever thanked the boys enough for making me go to Starbucks that day. That's the day I met my princess. It was love at first sight as corny as that sounds.   We have a tour soon. I mean its exciting or it should be. For me it just means being even further away from you. Well I must go now Liam is calling me. We are going to Nandos with the rest of the guys for dinner.   Missing you, Niall xoxo
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