Letters To You *A Niall Horan Love Story*

When management makes Niall break up with his girlfriend he decides to write letters and notes to her everyday in a journal until they are reunited. Will he ever see her again or is it all over for them? Read to find out.


4. Letter Four

Dear Lia   How are you today? I am doing well. Still missing you. Do you remember the song you used to sing to me all the time? The first time I ever saw your face? I sing it all the time now and if I try hard enough I can hear you singing it to me. Every time I imagine it its like getting punched in the heart.   I miss your voice and they way you laughed. I miss your quirky sense of humor and the way you looked so cute when you studied.    I heard your idol died today. Cory Monteith. I wish I was there to hold you as your cry because if I know you like I think I do you are probably crying right now. I know how much he and everyone on that show means to you.   Do you remember our first date? I took you to the animal shelter since I know how much you love animals. Speaking of animals how is out baby daisy doing? She is probably full grown now. The moment I saw her with you I knew I had to get her for you. At least you have her even if you don't have me. Well you will always have me if not physically than mentally.    I think about you everyday. It's getting easier to breathe without you even if I don't want to be without you. Well I have to end this here.    I l o v e y o u   xoxo  Niall
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