Wild and Free

A wild horse is found on an island 2 years after his parents died in a storm (when he was one) now one can touch him but... well i guess you'll have to read to find out more
please note that the cover was made by @ss_lover


2. The Only Horse

The next month I was watching the herd that my mother was in when I saw some horses coming, there was some kind of two legged animal riding them and they had rope all coiled up in there.. hands, I think you call them and it looked like they where going to trough it at the stallion! both ropes went around the stallions neck, he reared and fought for hours. Eventually he got tired and gave up. They led him and the rest of the herd away including my mother. So I was the only wild horse on the island and I will always be wild and free and I will never let a two legged creatures  near me.

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