Wild and Free

A wild horse is found on an island 2 years after his parents died in a storm (when he was one) now one can touch him but... well i guess you'll have to read to find out more
please note that the cover was made by @ss_lover


1. How it All Began

Hi my name is Romeo I am 4 years old, I am Part Arabian, part Friesian cross breed. I us to live on an island but now well you will have to read and find out.


One morning when I was 2 I woke up and had rolled down a little hill into a bush while I was sleeping.  I had been woken around sunrise by a lot of whinnying, my dad was fighting with a stallion from a different herd.  He had told me if he is ever fighting with another stalion to stay out of site I don’t know why but I did as I had been told and stayed near the little bush I had rolled into the night before and watched.  The other much younger stallion reared and landed on my dad, then herded up all of the other horses in my herd and left.

 I went to see if my dad was ok I knew he wasn’t but I had to see, I climbed up the little hill to my dad sadly my dad was dead and the other stallion had taken my mom so I said my good byes to my dad and left him there.  I will always remember the spot where he was killed and the stallion who killed him.

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