A Collection of Short Stories

This is for the times when I think of an idea, that doesn't quite expand enough to make a full Movella.


3. Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The day that Clarissa Hudgens received her Hogwarts letter was the best day of her life. It was a gloriously sunny Saturday morning when her mother approached her clutching the handful of post, she chucked them at the people gathered around the table according to who they were addressed to. Clarissa didn't expect any letters and ducked her head to read her book beside her breakfast bowl; the letter thunked down into her bowl, splattering milk and cereal all over the table and down Clarissa's jumper. She gasped and pulled the soggy letter out of her remaining milk, she glared at her mother who glared back before puckering her lips and sending Clarissa an air kiss to apologise. Her father turned his head in Clarissa's direction and ran his hand over the cereal scattered across the table, he was completely blind in both eyes and had been since the car accident that happened when Clarissa was six. Her eldest brother, Jack, had also been in the accident and lost a leg in the raging fires that had spouted from the engines. He had been fourteen when the accident happened, five years ago, and had just had his nineteenth birthday. Clarissa looked over at him who was opening his own letter, his brows slowly knitted closer and closer together as his eyes scanned over the words.

"Hey, mum?" Jack looked up from his letter, to their mother who was reading her own letters.

"Mm?" This was her favourite reply, it had been very common since the accident and meant that she was not really concentrating. Jack knew this but he still attempted to talk to her.

"I got accepted into that uni." He watched mother for a response and did not receive one.

"Well done, Jack. I knew that you would." Clarissa smiled at him and rolled her eyes at their mother, "I'm going to a new school too."

"Really? Where? Is that what your letter is about?" Jack turned from their mother and decided that a conversation with his sister was easier.

"Yeah, it is about this new school. I don't know where it is but I have to catch the train at 11 o'clock from platform nine and three quarters on the first of September. It's called Hogwarts."

"Platform nine and three quarters?! Don't be silly, Clar, maybe they've made a printing error."

"How can they? It's hand written. Oh, hang on there's an extra letter." She scanned over it and looked up at Jack with confused eyes, "aunt Marrisa? Do you know anything special about her?"

"Nope, I don't think so. Why?"

"Because it says here that I have to talk to her about Hogwarts."

"Let me see." Jack reached out for the letter, which Clarissa pressed into his hand. His eyes scanned over the handwritten letter, his expression becoming more and more confused. "I don't know, Clar. You'd better speak to aunt Marrissa then, like it says."

"Did you see how it was delivered though?" Clarissa took the letter back and put it on the bench seat next to her.

"Postman? Like any other normal post." Jack got up to gather the cereal bowls, he carried them over to the sink and turned back to Clarissa to smirk at her.

"Owl." Clarissa sat very still, watching his reaction to this.

"Owl?" Jack stopped in the process of wiping up the spilt milk and cereal. Their father even looked in Clarissa's direction to frown at her.

"Yes. You know? White fluttery thing, covered in feathers, about yey big..." Clarissa gestured with her hands as Jack's eyes got wider and wider, "orange eyes, orange beak, sharp talons. An O. W. L."

"I know what an owl is!" Jack snapped at her. "I just don't believe that an owl could deliver your letter. Owls are not post birds. It's pigeon post, and even that doesn't happen anymore. You're crazy. Maybe it's a school for crazy people, if so, you definitely belong there."

Jack cleared up the rest of the table and pushed out the front door, scowling at mother as he went. Clarissa looked down at the letter again, this time the words swam out of focus as her eyes filled with tears. She blinked and let them spill onto the letter, one name caught her attention: Marissa Hudgens, her father's sister. Clarissa knew that Marissa only lived a half hour horse ride away, it would be an excellent opportunity to exercise Thunder-Cloud and Poseidon. She gathered up the papers, envelope and book, before dashing upstairs to change.


Marissa Hudgens slid back the bolt and pulled the door open to show her niece stood on her doorstep. A German Shepherd let himself in and went straight to the back patio, where he always liked to sleep during the summer months. A horse whinnied behind her niece's back, Marissa gently moved Clarissa aside to reveal a black and grey horse named Thunder-Cloud stood patiently. Clarissa handed a letter over to Marissa, who accepted it and briefly scanned over the content.

"You'd best come in."

Clarissa was about to step inside, when she faltered and looked down at  the rein clutched in her hand. Marissa took the reins from her, stepped outside and lead the horse over to the stable on the other side of the yard.

"You can go in!" She called over her shoulder.

Clarissa took off her riding boots and placing them by the door, padded inside to the living room. She placed her satchel on the floor and gingerly sat on the edge of the settee, she looked around the room, hoping for her aunt to appear soon to explain everything. She turned to look back into the hallway just as aunt Marissa was strolling past the door, to the kitchen. Clarissa got up to join her aunt in the huge kitchen-diner, she leant against the central island and watched her aunt make a cup of tea and put a few biscuits on a tray.

"Aunt Marissa?" She began, "what is Hogwarts? Why do I have to go there? Have I done something wrong?"

"Wrong? You have done nothing wrong, my child. I will explain everything when we sit down for tea. Now take these to Poseidon." Marissa handed over a plastic bowl of water and a metal bowl with some dried dog biscuits in. Marissa then gathered up the plate of biscuits and cups of tea, and headed to the living room. Clarissa took the food and water to Poseidon and joined aunt Marissa on the settee where she had dumped her bag. Marissa moved to the arm chair, so she could talk better. "Now, Hogwarts."

"Yes. What is it?"

"It's a school for witches and wizards."

"I'm not a witch!" Clarissa cried out, undignified.

"Fine, not witches. People with magical ability. People with the ability to use one of these." Marissa pulled out a wooden stick from her pocket and presented it to Clarissa.

"What is it? It's just a twig."

"This is not a twig. It is a wand. It allows me to do this." She pointed the wand at an ornament of a horse, the ornament shook itself and began trotting across the shelf, she waved her wand at it again, and it trotted back to its place and stood still.

"What did you just do?" Clarissa looked at Marissa with a look of complete confusion etching her features.

"This wand allows me to perform magic. I went to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry too, you know. They taught me how to change a mouse to a cat, how to mix up a potion to make someone fall in love, how to tame a griffin. They taught me how to make objects fly, how to hex people and how to make them better. I'm a witch. You're a witch and you have been accepted at Hogwarts. I suggest you accept because you are special. It is a gift!"

Clarissa stared blankly at her aunt, "what do I do?"

"You need to come with me to Diagon Alley. Which is a wizarding shopping alley, with lots of shops where you can buy your school supplies."

"That sounds so cool! When can we go? Can we go today? I'm free!"

Clarissa jumped up, and was about to pull Marissa off the arm chair, when Marissa stopped her.

"Look, we can't go now. We'll have to talk to your parents and arrange a proper day. Will you calm down, please. Sit down." Marissa instructed to a very bouncy Clarissa.

"But I want to go now! This sounds so awesome!" Clarissa cried out, but she suddenly stopped and slowly sank onto the settee.

"What is it?" Marissa asked, concern softening her voice.

"My friends. I won't get to see them, will I?"

"No, probably not. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. Hogwarts is a boarding school. You stay there from September until July, but you can come home at Christmas and Easter." Marissa spotted the worry on Clarissa's face. "Don't worry. You'll be fine."

Poseidon, the German Shepherd came strolling in and flopped down in front of the empty hearth, panting heavily. Marissa and Clarissa watched him for a while, until Clarissa broke the silence.

"At least I'm going to Hogwarts. I mean, it's a great opportunity isn't it?"

"Of course it is, you'll enjoy yourself."


"Right, what else do you need?" Marissa asked her niece, both of them were laden with brown parcels and bags.

"Um, a wand." Clarissa replied, after studying the equipment list.

"That will be Ollivander's over there." Marissa pointed the ancient shop out, "my legs are killing me, so I'll be in that cafe. If you'll be alright?"

"I'm fine." Clarissa assured her.

Clarissa watched which cafe her aunt was going to, and continued to watch her for a few moments, as she put all the shopping on the floor and pulled out a menu from the rack.

Clarissa turned to the store, and headed into the darkness within.


"One whole hour!" Marissa exclaimed, as Clarissa approached her table. "I've drank three coffees and had two pumpkin pasties! What took you so long? Did you have to try out all of the wands in the shop?"

"No, actually. One of the wands didn't really agree with me, and I knocked all the shelf units over. It wasn't my fault! And he said that he had one person last year, who literally had to try all the wands, just to find that his was sat on the desk." Clarissa told her aunt, sitting down at the table.

"Oh, alright. Well couldn't he have used magic to clear up the shelves?"

"No, because he lost his wand in among all the others that fell out of their boxes. It only took forty-five minutes for him to find his wand and restore everything back to normal."

"How many wands did you try?" Marissa asked.

"Three. The first one shot a painting off the wall. Before you say anything, the painting was fine. He just used that Reparo spell. The second one made the store a mess. But the third one is great." Clarissa said, pulling her wand out of the paper bag.

"What did you get? Mine's a sycamore wood with Unicorn hair." Marissa said, taking her wand out of her pocket. She presented it to Clarissa, who nodded in appreciation. The new Snowy owl sat in the cage next to her, squawked in approval.

"Mine is hawthorn wood with Phoenix feather." Clarissa said, showing her new wand to her aunt. She slipped it back into the box, which went back into the paper bag.


Clarissa tried to push through the crowds with her overflowing trolley threatening to knock someone over.

"Clarissa, mind out! Watch where you're going!" Her mother called after her.

"I'm fine!" She called back over her shoulder.

Clarissa pulled the trolley to a stop in between the pillars between platforms nine and ten. She glanced back to see her mother struggling through the crowds, and pulling Clarissa's father with her. Aunt Marissa was carrying Clarrisa's sister, Ebony, and her brother, Jack, trailed behind them all.

"Come on, come on! It's nearly eleven! We've only got ten minutes to get there!" Clarissa shouted to them all.

"Calm down, Clarissa. We're here. Come with me." Marissa grabbed her arm and gently pulled her backwards.

"Now, run at that pillar." Marissa instructed.

"What?!" Clarissa cried out, as Marissa pushed her towards the wall, she had no choice but to run... on to platform nine and three quarters.

She opened her eyes, and found her mind filled with the image of a bright, scarlet train puffing steam. People all hugging each other, waving goodbye out of the train windows. Owls fluttering about in cages as they are loaded on to the train. Clarissa shut her eyes again, willing the sight not to go away. When she opened them, she found that none of it had disappeared, and Ebony was towing her towards the train.

Clarissa couldn't believe it, but she could definitely get used to it.

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