A Collection of Short Stories

This is for the times when I think of an idea, that doesn't quite expand enough to make a full Movella.


1. Different, but the Same

"You want to know everything?" I asked the police woman sitting across from me. I was in one of the many San Francisco police stations, being questioned on the death of my sister.

"Everything." FBI agent, Sarah Manfried said, staring into my eyes.

I avoided her stare and looked around the dingy interrogation room. I studied the peeling paint on the ceiling, the moldy window sill, the steel bars rusting around the window. I swallowed up every detail of the small room, down to the dust motes seen floating around in the ray of sunshine that managed to creep in. I took a deep breath and plunged into memory lane.

Three Weeks Earlier

Me and my twin sister were completely different. She was the goody-two-shoes, the one who got all the top marks and succeeded in all of her subjects. Hannah even looked the part of being perfect. She was the one with straight, brown hair, not a curl in sight and certainly no hair dye had visited her head. She had brown eyes and pale skin. She didn't tan at all, had the perfect shape and had glasses and braces, she was the child of the family that looked like a nerd and acted like a nerd. Then there was me. I was the big disappointment. The only similarities between me and my sister was our medium height and average body shape. I suppose I could have the brains too, but to be part of the 'in' you couldn't be a nerd. Fair enough, my sister had a few nerdy friends to keep her company at the library, they met up to go on walks or study in each other's bedrooms. On to the differences between me and my supposedly identical twin sister (I could actually go on forever!) I was the bad-ass. The one who skipped class, failed in all my subjects, couldn't give a damn about school, yeah you get the type. Yes, I was the one who hung around in parks at about 2 o'clock in the morning, smoking and yes, alcohol and drugs were often present. I had dyed my hair many different colors, had a few parts of my body pierced, including four in one ear, two in the other, a nose, eyebrow, tongue, belly button and a snake bite piercing under the lip. Where Hannah wore knee-length skirts, knitted jumpers and plain school girl shoes, I wore mini skirts jangling with chains, fishnet tights, cropped tops and killer boots. All I got from people when we were with our family, were comments like, "oh! they're identical twins? Goodness!" and "Ah, look at Hannah, always the family angel and... oh, Hailey has grown up, hasn't she?" My parents absolutely adored Hannah, she was the star, 'the absolute rock that made our family proud.' With me... erm... Let's just say, they preferred to deny my existence.

I decided one day that my sister wasn't cool enough. I did something completely unimaginable. I don't even know why I decided to do it. I spread a rumor about her, a completely untrue rumor at that. I told the girl who wrote the school newspaper that Hannah had sex with a boy aged seven, I told her that Hannah had ruined people's lives when we were in junior school and that's why she is so nerdy now. Of course, this girl, being a complete gossip queen and author of the newspaper published it for the whole school to read. A day after the article and Hannah was hated. It was my incredibly bitchy way to get the school to hate her so that I could get her into drugs because she hated the world. I turned her onto my side. After a weeks vacation, me and Hannah looked like real twins. She had ditched all of the stupid plaid skirts and jumpers and bought enough mini skirts, cropped tops, ripped jeans and killer boots to stock a mall. I coached her on how to style her hair, I encouraged her to dye it a vibrant red with black under-layers and blonde highlights. It was no longer the perfect Hannah and 'grown-up' Hailey; it was now "Hannah and Hailey, the twins from Hell!" I loved it and I taught Hannah to love it too. We were now completely the same which was, of course, my plan.

About three months into the double trouble attitude, dressing from the goth shop and rock music blasting out of our rooms, Hannah began to question whether it was really a good idea. I had begun to ignore my school work more than ever, and she had dropped dramatically in her school work. Neither of us had any friends to speak of and both of us were hated at our High School. It was us against the world and Hannah didn't like it one bit. I decided that it was time to introduce Hannah to drugs. I took her to the park at 1:55 am, we were meeting Jack Hanbury at 2:00 am who had the drugs. He made them himself and told me that they had been tried before by him and seven other people, and so far there had been no side effects. Hannah asked me while we were waiting what sort of drug he was bringing, I just told her that it was a new one that Jack had managed to mix some together to make a more exciting one. Luckily, she went with it. When Jack arrived at the park, we were sat on the swings waiting for him to turn up. He waved to us and handed the drugs over, they were pink, blue and yellow in color and looked incredibly pretty. Hannah asked what it was but he just winked at her, waved at me and strolled off again. I took one in between my forefinger and thumb of my left hand and held it up to the streetlight. I smirked at Hannah, popped it in my mouth and dry swallowed it whole. She blinked at me and watched as my pupils dilated, watched as my muscles went to hyperdrive, watched as my skin crawled and my blood ran hot with adrenaline. She picked up one of the pills from my hand, studied it carefully before saying "it's just my life." I stopped her as she said that and widened my eyes at her. "What? It is. Everyone hates me. If I live after this, I'm moving to Alaska and away from here to get back to who I know that I am. And you are coming with me. We need a break from all of this. Promise me?" My only response was to say, "I promise." She dropped the pill onto her tongue, tipped her head back and also dry swallowed. I watched her as her eyes turned black and dry, I watched as her muscles began to convulse on their own. I watched my sister collapse to the ground in a fit, I watched my sister's eyes roll back into her head, I watched as she foamed at the mouth and continued to shake and twitch. I watched my sister become still. I watched my sister's eyes blank out. I watched my sister die.

I looked up at Sarah Manfried, blinking away the tears threatening to spill onto the table. I wrung my hands together, nervously biting my lip. Drawing her eyes away from my face, the FBI agent studied her notebook on the table. It already had various words, arrows and numbers scrawled over it, but she was not done with questions.

"What was the boy's name? the one who had the drug."

"Jack. His name was Jack Hanbury. You won't find him though."

She frowned at me, "why not?"

"He commit suicide last night. O.D."

She frowned deeper and wrote something in her notes. "Okay, so do you know what the drug mixture was made of?"

It was my turn to frown in thought, I considered and said, "cannabis, heroine and ecstasy... I think. Not sure though, you could check his house."

"Yes we will thank you. Are you recovered from it now?" When I nodded at her, she continued with her questioning. "Good, so why do you look... You know..."

"Normal?" I supplied for her.

"Yes, exactly. More normal and less rebellious."

"After my sister died, a week ago, I decided to change. For her sake. I ditched all the people that I used to hang out with, I put my old clothes in a box in the basement and bought new ones. I stopped putting so much make-up on, I took out a lot of my piercings." I indicated then that I now only have two ear studs and an eyebrow hoop. "Obviously, getting rid of tattoos is expensive so I've kept those. I have started concentrating in class, going to private study sessions and have improved all of my subjects by at least two grades. I've made new friends, got a dog, a hamster and a horse, and I'm taking up exercising. It's been a long week, but it will be worth it in the future."

"They are good changes. Well done. Now, I have to burst your bubble and talk about legal charges. You are going to court in three days time to decide whether you need to go to young offenders prison or not."

With that, I was dismissed and given a lift home with my dad.

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